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issetugid(2)			 System	Calls			  issetugid(2)

       issetugid - determine if	current	executable is running setuid or	setgid

       #include	<unistd.h>

       int issetugid(void);

       The  issetugid()	 function  enables  library  functions (in libtermlib,
       libc, or	other libraries) to guarantee safe behavior when used  in  se-
       tuid  or	setgid programs. Some library functions	might be passed	insuf-
       ficient information and	not  know  whether  the	 current  program  was
       started setuid or setgid	because	a higher level calling code might have
       made changes to the uid,	euid, gid, or egid.  These  low-level  library
       functions  are therefore	unable to determine if they are	being run with
       elevated	or normal privileges.

       The issetugid() function	should be used to determine if a path name re-
       turned  from a getenv(3C) call can be used safely to open the specified
       file. It	is often not safe to open such a file because  the  status  of
       the effective uid is not	known.

       The result of a call to issetugid() is unaffected by calls to setuid(),
       setgid(), or other such calls.  In case of a call to fork(2), the child
       process inherits	the same status.

       The  status  of issetugid() is affected only by execve()	(see exec(2)).
       If a child process executes a new executable file,  a  new  issetugid()
       status will be based on the existing process's uid, euid, gid, and egid
       permissions and on the modes of the executable file. If	the  new  exe-
       cutable	file modes are setuid or setgid, or if the existing process is
       executing the new image with uid	!= euid	or gid	!=  egid,  issetugid()
       will return 1 in	the new	process.

       The  issetugid()	 function  returns 1 if	the process was	made setuid or
       setgid as the result of the last	or a previous call to execve().	Other-
       wise it returns 0.

       The  issetugid()	 function is always successful.	No return value	is re-
       served to indicate an error.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE	TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Interface Stability	     |Evolving			   |
       |MT-Level		     |Async-Signal-Safe		   |

       exec(2),	fork(2), setuid(2), getenv(3C),	attributes(5)

SunOS 5.9			  5 Oct	2001			  issetugid(2)


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