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JLS(8)			  BSD System Manager's Manual			JLS(8)

     jls -- list jails

     jls [-dhnqsv] [-j jail] [parameter	...]

     The jls utility lists all active jails, or	the specified jail.  Each jail
     is	represented by one row which contains space-separated values of	the
     listed parameters,	including the pseudo-parameter all which will show all
     available jail parameters.	 A list	of available parameters	can be re-
     trieved via "sysctl -d security.jail.param".  See jail(8) for a descrip-
     tion of some core parameters.

     If	no parameters or any of	the options -hns are given, the	following four
     columns will be printed: jail identifier (jid), IP	address	(ip4.addr),
     hostname (host.hostname), and path	(path).

     The following options are available:

     -d	     List dying	as well	as active jails.

     -h	     Print a header line containing the	parameters listed.  If no pa-
	     rameters are given	on the command line, all is assumed.

     -n	     Print parameters in "name=value" format, where each parameter is
	     preceded by its name.  If no parameters are given on the command
	     line, all is assumed.

     -q	     Put quotes	around parameters if they contain spaces or quotes, or
	     are the empty string.

     -s	     Print parameters suitable for passing to jail(8), skipping	read-
	     only and unused parameters.  Implies -nq.

     -v	     Print a multiple-line summary per jail, with the following	param-
	     eters: jail identifier (jid), hostname (host.hostname), path
	     (path), jail name (name), jail state (dying), cpuset ID (cpuset),
	     IP	address(es) (ip4.addr and ip6.addr).

     -j	jail
	     The jid or	name of	the jail to list.  Without this	option,	all
	     active jails will be listed.

     jail_get(2), jail(8), jexec(8)

     The jls utility was added in FreeBSD 5.1.	Extensible jail	parameters
     were introduced in	FreeBSD	8.0.

BSD				 July 8, 2009				   BSD


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