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KENV(1)			  BSD General Commands Manual		       KENV(1)

     kenv -- dump or modify the	kernel environment

     kenv [-hNq]
     kenv [-qv]	variable[=value]
     kenv [-q] -u variable

     The kenv utility will dump	the kernel environment if invoked without ar-
     guments.  If the -h option	is specified, it will limit the	report to ker-
     nel probe hints.  If an optional variable name is specified, kenv will
     only report that value.  If the -N	option is specified, kenv will only
     display variable names and	not their values.  If the -u option is speci-
     fied, kenv	will delete the	given environment variable.  If	the environ-
     ment variable is followed by an optional value, kenv will set the envi-
     ronment variable to this value.

     If	the -q option is set, warnings normally	printed	as a result of being
     unable to perform the requested operation will be suppressed.

     If	the -v option is set, the variable name	will be	printed	out for	the
     environment variable in addition to the value when	kenv is	executed with
     a variable	name.

     Variables can be added to the kernel environment using the
     /boot/loader.conf file, or	also statically	compiled into the kernel using
     the statement

	   env filename

     in	the kernel config file.	 The file can contain lines of the form

	   name	= value	# this is a comment

     where whitespace around name and '=', and everything after	a '#' charac-
     ter, are ignored.	Almost any printable character except '=' is accept-
     able as part of a name.  Quotes are optional and necessary	only if	the
     value contains whitespace.

     kenv(2), config(5), loader.conf(5), loader(8)

     The kenv utility appeared in FreeBSD 4.1.1.

BSD				 May 11, 2012				   BSD


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