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lazbuild(1)		   Lazarus Projects Builder		   lazbuild(1)

       lazbuild	- The Lazarus project and package build	program.

       lazbuild	[options] filename...

       lazbuild	 builds	 a  Lazarus  project  or package. It compiles projects
       (.lpi) and packages (.lpk). It checks and  automatically	 compiles  re-
       quired packages.

       lazbuild	 is a command-line tool	that builds Lazarus projects and pack-
       ages. It	checks recursively all dependencies and	compiles needed	 pack-
       ages first. It uses the Free Pascal compiler (fpc) to compile.

       -h, --help
	      Displays a short help message.

       -B, --build-all
	      build  all  files	of project/package. Has	the same effect	as op-
	      tion -B of fpc(1).

       -r, --recursive
	      apply build flags	(-B) to	dependencies too.

       -d, --skip-dependencies
	      do not compile dependencies

	      Compile the IDE (i.e. the	lazarus	executable). The list  of  in-
	      stallation  packages is read from	the config directory. The <op-
	      tions> can be empty.

       -v, --version
	      show version and exit

	--pcp=<path>, --primary-config-path=<path>
	      primary config directory,	where Lazarus stores its config	files.
	      Default is /home/mazen/.lazarus

       --scp=<path>, --secondary-config-path=<path>
	      secondary	 config	 directory,  where Lazarus searches for	config
	      template files. Default is /etc/lazarus

       --os=<operating-system>,	--operating-system=<operating-system>
	      override the project operating system. e.g. win32	or linux.

       --ws=<widgetset>, --widgetset=<widgetset>
	      override the project widgetset. e.g. gtk,	 gtk2,	qt,  win32  or

	      override the project cpu.	e.g. i386, x86_64, powerpc, powerpc_64

       --build-mode=<project build mode>, --bm=<project	build mode>
	      override the project build mode.

	      override the default compiler. e.g. ppc386, ppcx64, ppcppc etc.

	      Override language. For example --language=de. For	 possible val-
	      ues see files in the lazarus languages directory.

.lpi and .lpk files
       The  .lpi  and  .lpk files are best created and edited with the Lazarus
       IDE.  The files are in xml. There is no reason to edit  them  manually,
       except for very rare cases like renaming	hundreds of files.

	      lazarus-ide(1) startlazarus(1) fpc(1) ld(1) fpcmake(1) make(1)


Lazarus				 19 April 2008			   lazbuild(1)

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