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LINT(nged)		     BRL-CAD User Commands		    LINT(nged)

       lint - Detect and report	problems with subsets or all of	a .g database.

       lint [-h] [-C] [-M] [-I]	[-F "filters"] [ObjectName]

       The 'lint' command analyzes the currently open geometry database	(or a
       subset of that database if object names are supplied as arguments) and
       searches	for a variety of problems know to sometimes occur. By default
       all defect types	are searched for - if one or more of the options
       enabling	a search for a specific	type of	problem	are supplied, only
       those searches will be performed.

	   Print help message.

       -C, --cyclic
	   Check for full paths	that are cyclic	- i.e. a situation where a
	   high	level object incorporates in its definition tree a reference
	   to itself. Such definitions are always considered invalid, and are
	   sometimes problematic for tools working with	geometry hierarchy.

       -M, --missing
	   Check for references	to objects or files that are missing (not
	   present in the database or on the file system.) Primarily this is a
	   check for comb objects referring to missing objects,	but it will
	   also	check for and report invalid object and	file references	in
	   extrude and dsp primitives.

       -I, --invalid
	   Check for shapes in the database that do not	satisfy	one or more
	   properties required for them	to be valid definitions, where
	   correcting the problem requires a change to the object's
	   definition. (As of this writing the only implemented	check is for
	   BoT object solidity,	but many more are possible and planned.)
	   (Objects invalid due	to missing objects are potentially valid
	   without the necessity of changing the object's own definition -
	   e.g.	the missing object/file	can be added. That category of error
	   can be searched for with the	-M check.)

       -F, --filter
	   Apply search	command	style filters to the set of objects to be
	   tested. Allows, (for	example) a user	to test	only brep objects and
	   not bot objects or only objects matching a particular name pattern.
	   Does	not impact the checks for missing or cylic geometry - the
	   underlying search mechanism assumes inputs do not have those
	   particular categories of problem and	thus can't be reliably applied
	   in those cases.

       Example 1. Examine entire database for all defect categories


	   Checking for	cyclic paths...
	   Checking for	references to non-extant objects...
	   Checking for	invalid	objects...
	   Found cyclic	paths:
	   Found references to missing objects:
	   Found invalid objects:[bot] failed solidity test, but BoT type is RT_BOT_SOLID

       Example 2. Check	the validity of	a single geometry object

       mged>lint -I

	   Checking for	invalid	objects...
	   Found invalid objects:[bot] failed solidity test, but BoT type is RT_BOT_SOLID

       Example 3. Examine all non-BoT objects in the database matching the
       name pattern "*_1.*" for	invalidity

       mged>lint -F "! -type bot -name *_1.*"

	   Checking for	invalid	objects...
	   Found invalid objects:
	     Brep_1.s[brep] failed OpenNURBS validity test
	   brep.m_L[27]	loop is	not valid.
		end of brep.m_T[loop.m_ti[5]=147]=(0,-1.309) and start
		of brep.m_T[loop.m_ti[6]=148]=(0,-5.63995e-08) do not match.
	   brep.m_F[25]	face is	not valid.
		brep.m_L[face.m_li[0]=27] is not valid.
	   ON_Brep.m_F[25] is invalid.

       BRL-CAD Team

       Reports of bugs or problems should be submitted via electronic mail to

BRL-CAD				  02/20/2023			    LINT(nged)


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