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MANVM(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		      MANVM(1)

     manvm -- format and display the on-line Java VM manual pages

     manvm [name]

     Manvm provides a convenient system	for displaying the on-line manual
     pages for different Java VMs without having to add	their (conflicting)
     manual page directories to	MANPATH

     By	default, manvm will select the most "native" and up to date version of
     the Java VM when locating the manual page to be displayed.	 This selec-
     tion process is akin to that used by javavm in that the same environment
     variables and processes are used.

     The manual	pages are displayed using man, and all applicable environment
     variables,	save for MANPATH, are respected.  Options may be passed	to man
     using the JAVAVM_OPTS environment variable	and its	associated sub-vari-
     ables and configuration file.

	     The presence of this variable in the environment when executing
	     manvm will	override all other considerations regarding the	Java
	     VM	whose on-line manual pages will	be displayed and the manual
	     pages located at ${JAVA_HOME}/man will be used.

	     A space delimited list of operating systems.  The on-line manual
	     pages to be displayed must	come from a Java VM that has been cre-
	     ated for one of the operating systems in the list.

	     Currently allowed operating system	values are `native' and

	     A space delimited list of Java VM vendors.	 The on-line manual
	     pages to be displayed must	come from a Java VM that has been re-
	     leased by one of the vendors in the list.

	     Currently allowed vendors are `openjdk', `oracle',	and `sun'.

	     A space delimited list of versions	of the Java VM from which the
	     on-line manual pages may come.  By	appending a `+'	to a version,
	     the on-line manual	pages from any Java VM with a version greater
	     than or equal to the given	version	will be	used.

	     Currently allowed versions	are `1.7', `1.7+', `1.8', `1.8+',
	     `1.9', `1.9+', `7', `7+', `8', `8+', `9', `9+', `10', `10+',
	     `11', `11+', `12',	`12+', `13', and `13+'.

	     The contents of this environment variable will be passed to the
	     invoked man as options.  For more information on environment
	     variables which can be used to set	options	see

     /usr/local/bin/manvm java
	     Display the on-line manual	page for the java programme of the the
	     most up to	date and "native" Java VM registered with javavm.

     JAVA_VERSION=8 /usr/local/bin/manvm javac
	     Display the on-line manual	page for the javac programme for a
	     Java VM which is version 8.

     javavm(1),	man(1),	javavm_opts.conf(5)

FreeBSD	13.0		       November	12, 2019		  FreeBSD 13.0


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