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MID3V2(1)							     MID3V2(1)

       mid3v2 -	audio tag editor similar to 'id3v2'

       mid3v2 [options]	filename ...

       mid3v2  is  a Mutagen-based replacement for id3lib's id3v2. It supports
       ID3v2.4 and more	frames;	it also	does not have the numerous  bugs  that
       plague id3v2.

       This program exists mostly for compatibility with programs that want to
       tag files using id3v2. For a more usable	 interface,  we	 recommend  Ex

       -q, --quiet
	      Be quiet:	do not mention file operations that perform the	user's
	      request. Warnings	will still be printed.

       -v, --verbose
	      Be verbose: state	all operations performed. This is the opposite
	      of --quiet. This is the default.

       -e, --escape
	      Enable  interpretation  of  backslash  escapes  for  tag values.
	      Makes it possible	to escape the colon-separator in  TXXX,	 WXXX,
	      COMM  values  like  '\:'	and insert escape sequences like '\n',
	      '\t' etc.

       -f, --list-frames
	      Display all supported ID3v2.3/2.4	frames and their meanings.

       -L, --list-genres
	      List all ID3v1 numeric genres. These can be  used	 to  set  TCON
	      frames, but it is	not recommended.

       -l, --list
	      List all tags in the files. The output format is not the same as
	      id3v2's; instead,	it is easily parsable and readable. Some  tags
	      may not have human-readable representations.

	      List  all	tags in	the files, in raw format. Although this	format
	      is nominally human-readable, it may be very long if the tag con-
	      tains embedded binary data.

       -d, --delete-v2
	      Delete ID3v2 tags.

       -s, --delete-v1
	      Delete ID3v1 tags.

       -D, --delete-all
	      Delete all ID3 tags.

	      Delete  specific	ID3v2  frames  (or  groups of frames) from the
	      files.  FRAMES is	a ","  separated  list	of  frame  names  e.g.

       -C, --convert
	      Convert  ID3v1  tags to ID3v2 tags. This	will also happen auto-
	      matically	during any editing.

	      Set the artist information (TPE1).

	      Set the album information	(TALB).

	      Set the title information	(TIT2).

	      Set a comment (COMM). The	language and description may be	 omit-
	      ted, in which case the language defaults to English, and the de-
	      scription	to an empty string.

	      Set the attached picture (APIC). Everything except the  filename
	      can be omitted in	which case default values will be used.

	      Set the genre information	(TCON).

       -y,--year=<YYYY>, --date=<YYYY-[MM-DD]>
	      Set the year/date	information (TDRC).

	      Set the track number (TRCK).

       Any  text or URL	frame (those beginning with T or W) can	be modified or
       added by	prefixing the name of the frame	with "--". For example,	--TIT3
       "Monkey!" will set the TIT3 (subtitle) frame to Monkey!.

       The  TXXX frame has the format <DESCRIPTION:TEXT>; many TXXX frames may
       be set in the file as long as they have different  keys.	 To  set  this
       key,  just  separate  the  text with a colon, e.g. --TXXX "ALBUMARTIST-
       SORT:Examples, The". The	description can	be omitted in  which  case  it
       defaults	to an empty string.

       The  WXXX frame has the same format as TXXX but since URLs usually con-
       tain a ":" you have provide a  description  or  enable  escaping	 (-e):
       --WXXX "desc:" or -e --WXXX "http\\://"

       The USLT	frame has the format <DESCRIPTION:TEXT:LANGUAGE>. The language
       and description may be omitted, in which	case the language defaults  to
       English,	and the	description to an empty	string.

       The  special  POPM frame	can be set in a	similar	way: --POPM "bob@exam-" to set Bob's rating to 128/255 with 2 plays.

       No sanity checking is done on the editing operations  you  perform,  so
       mid3v2  will  happily accept --TSIZ when	editing	an ID3v2.4 frame. How-
       ever, it	will also automatically	throw it out during the	next edit  op-

       Joe Wreschnig is	the author of mid3v2, but he doesn't like to admit it.



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