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MIN12XXW(1)		    General Commands Manual		   MIN12XXW(1)

       min12xxw	- Convert pbmraw streams to Minolta PagePro 12xxW languages

       min12xxw	[options]

       Min12xxw	 is a filter which converts pbmraw streams (produced by	ghost-
       script, for  example)  to  the  printer	language  of  Minolta  PagePro
       1[234]xxW printers.

       -h, --help
	    Gives usage	information (help)

       -v, --version
	    Displays the version number	and exit

       -e, --ecomode
	    Enables  economic  mode  which  saves toner	by leaving every other
	    scanline blank. This degrades the printout's resolution a  little,
	    the	 effect	 is most easily	seen (and looks	particularly bad) when
	    printing in	300 dpi	mode.

       -s, --status
	    Query the printer status, page counter  and	 whatever  information
	    can	 be  retrieved.	The printer status is basically	an unprocessed
	    dump of what the printer sends, so unexpected things may happen if
	    the	 printer  sends	 funny data because it got confused somehow...
	    This might however still be	useful.	The page counter and other in-
	    formation  is  heavily processed and should	be more	reliable. Note
	    that for queries to	be made,  the  printer	must  (of  course)  be
	    switched  on,  with	all cables connected, and not be busy printing
	    (or	your print job may be truncated).  See	the  -d	 option	 below
	    which  sets	 the  device  file  to	use. This has so far only been
	    tested on 1200W, 1350W and 1400W printers. Send mail if  it	 works
	    for	others as well.

       -d dev, --device	dev
	    Sets the device file to use	for queries. The default is /dev/lp0.

	    Please  note  that this option is only meaningful with the "-s" or
	    "--status" option. If  you	intend	to  send  a  document  to  the
	    printer,  you  have	 to redirect min12xxw's	standard output	to the
	    device file	in question. See the documentation that	came with your
	    shell on how to do that.

       -n, --nomargins
	    Disables  the enforcement of the 0.17 inch margins on all sides of
	    the	paper. The converter discards the equivalent of	this length of
	    its	input because ghostscript outputs a full page with margins. If
	    you	arranged in some way for the input to be marginless,  or  have
	    slightly  larger  paper,  you  can give this option	to include the
	    full input with margins. Please note that for very small page  di-
	    mensions,  min12xxw	 might need to disable enforcing the page mar-
	    gins for all pages following the offending page to	make  the  job
	    printable.	In that	case, a	warning	message	will be	printed	on the
	    standard error stream to inform the	user.

       -m model, --model model
	    Sets which printer model to	 produce  output  for.	Currently,  no
	    checks  for	 features  only	 available to specific models are made
	    (available paper trays differ from model to	model,	for  example).
	    Let	 me know if this causes	problems. Available models are:	1200W,
	    1250W, 1300W, 1350W, 1400W.	1200W is the default. As  an  alterna-
	    tive,  you	can  also  symlink,  link or rename your executable to
	    min1200w, min1250w,	min1300w, min1350w or  min1400w,  thus	making
	    the	 model specified in the	filename the default model. This saves
	    you	from typing the	model selection	option	again  and  again  and
	    again...   Please  note that you must supply the model option cor-
	    rectly if you drive	any other model	than what is the  default.  If
	    you	fail to	do so, your printer will not produce any output	or re-
	    act	to status queries from the host.

       -r resolution, --res resolution
	    Sets the resolution	to either 300, 600 or 1200 dpi (600 dpi	is the
	    default).  Keep  in	 mind that you need to produce your output ac-
	    cordingly. It is also possible to specify the resolution as	(hori-
	    zontal)x(vertical)	resolution (e.g. -r 1200x600) where horizontal
	    resolution may be once or twice the	vertical resolution. The maxi-
	    mum	 resolution is 1200 dpi	in both	vertical and horizontal	direc-
	    tion. The minimum vertical resolution for mixed resolution	print-
	    ing	 seems to be 600 dpi. 300 dpi printing has only	been tested on
	    1200W, 1350W and 1400W models. Mixed resolution printing was  seen
	    for	 13xxW and 1400W models	only, but tests	show that the 1200W is
	    capable of handling	it as well, so chances are that	1250W printers
	    won't have trouble,	either.

       -t tray,	--tray tray
	    Sets  the paper tray to be used. Valid values for tray are "auto",
	    "tray1", "tray2" and "manual", with	"auto" being the default.  Not
	    all	printer	models have all	sorts of paper trays. "auto" should be
	    safe on all	of them, I think. In fact, the PagePro 1400W seems  to
	    have only this kind	of paper tray.

       -p type,	--papertype type
	    Sets the type of paper used. Type can be one of "normal", "thick",
	    "transparency", "envelope" or "postcard". "normal" is the default.

       -f fmt, --paperformat fmt
	    This sets the paper	format to be used for the print	job.  The  de-
	    fault value	for fmt	is "a4". Valid values are given	below.

	 A4 paper (210 mm x 297	mm)

	 B5 envelope (176 mm x 250 mm)

	 A5 paper (148 mm x 210	mm)

	 Post card (100	mm x 148 mm)

	 Correspondence	Postcard (148 mm x 200 mm)

	 JIS Yokei 6-gou paper (98 mm x	190 mm)

	 JIS Yokei 0-gou paper (120 mm x 235 mm)

	 Chinese 16K paper (185	mm x 260 mm)

	 Chinese 32K paper (130	mm x 185 mm)

	 Legal paper (8.5" x 14")

	 G. Legal paper	(8.5" x	13")

	 Letter	paper (8.5" x 11")

	 G. Letter paper (8.5" x 10.5")

	 Executive paper (7.25"	x 10.5")

	 Halfletter paper (5.5"	x 8.5")

	 Envelope Monarch (3.875" x 7.5")

	 Envelope COM-10 (8.125" x 9.5")

	 Envelope DL (110 mm x 220 mm)

	 Envelope C5 (162 mm x 229 mm)

	 Envelope C6 (114 mm x 162 mm)

	 Envelope B5 (176 mm x 250 mm)

	 Choukei-3Gou paper (120mm x 235 mm)

	 Choukei-4Gou paper (90	mm x 205 mm)

	 Custom	paper size

	 Envelope 6 3/4	(3.625"	x 6.5")

	 F4/Folio paper	(210 mm	x 330 mm)

	 JIS Yokei 1-gou (120 mm x 176 mm)

	 JIS Yokei 2-gou (105 mm x 235 mm)

	 Quad postcard (200 mm x 296 mm)

       gs  -q  -dBATCH	-dSAFER	 -dQUIET -dNOPAUSE -sPAPERSIZE=a4 -r1200 -sDE-
       VICE=pbmraw -sOutputFile=- - < |	min12xxw -r 1200 > test.min
	    This would convert a postscript file to  a	file  test.min
	    which  could be sent directly to the printer, a 1200W to be	exact.
	    The	output is rendered at 1200 dpi.	If  you	 have  to  drive  some
	    other model, see the model selection option	(-m) above.

       Min12xxw	 should	run on most *nix-like workstations without major prob-
       lems. Library functions which are known to be missing on	non-Linux sys-
       tems  such  as getline or getopt_long may have to be replaced by	an ap-
       propriate substitute.  In case of getline and getopt_long this has  al-
       ready  been  done.  The query options may or may	not work on other sys-
       tems, depending on the characteristics of the printer  driver  and  the
       interface  used	(USB,  very  old  style	parallel port or a more	recent

       Min12xxw	was written without any	documentation from  the	 manufacturer.
       The description of the printer language may be inaccurate or even wrong
       because it was obtained by looking at the output	of the windoof	driver
       only.  The  code	 dealing with the compression of raster	data is	in its
       spirit heavily based on an initial driver by Adam  Bocim	 <beetman@sez->	who managed to find out	how things are done (thanks, Adam, you
       did a great job!).  This	new version  is	 considerably  faster,	imple-
       mented more cleanly and (hopefully) well	documented.

       It  also	 features querying the printer status and page counter,	a sug-
       gestion made by	Bruno  Schoedlbauer  <>,  who
       also  pointed me	to a nice USB sniffer by Benoit	Papillault for Windoof
       98 and up, see  (That	little
       program	may prove very helpful on similar occasions.  Happy USB	sniff-

       David Hamilton <> has helped a lot in  testing
       and developing the support for the PagePro 1350W.

       Even  though this program has been designed with	care and much thought,
       no-one can guarantee that this program will not	damage	your  printer,
       computer	 or  even  your	 neighbour's car, because it was built without
       knowing exactly how things work,	it's  only  a  (hopefully)  reasonable
       guess.  (However,  my  printer  does still work,	even after the testing
       phase when a lot	of wrong stuff was sent	to it. And my neighbour	hasn't
       complained either...)

       Most  of	 the  available	paper sizes have not actually been verified to
       work as advertised - reports about successes or problems	 are  welcome.
       Also  the  code	for querying the printer is not	heavily	tested.	If you
       have comments to	make or	know more about	the format than	I  do,	please
       share your thoughts and your knowledge.

       13xxW  series  support  seems to	be relatively well tested by now. Send
       mail with feedback if you have such a printer and you experience	 prob-

       1400W  support is pretty	new - please send e-mail if it works or	if you
       run into	problems. Feedback on models for which support has  just  been
       completed is very important to improve and stabilise this support.

       Bugs  and  problems  reports are	generally welcome because I just don't
       have the	time to	test everything	out. I needed a	filter and here	it is.
       If it does not work - complain ;-)

       Min12xxw	was written by Manuel Tobias Schiller (

Local Utilities			 December 2005			   MIN12XXW(1)


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