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minput_event_to_key(3m17n)	 Version 1.5.5	    minput_event_to_key(3m17n)

       minput_event_to_key - Convert an	event to an input key.

       MSymbol minput_event_to_key (MFrame * frame, void * event)

       Convert an event	to an input key.

       The minput_event_to_key() function returns the input key	corresponding
       to event	event on frame by a window system dependent manner.

       In the m17n-X library, event must be a pointer to the structure
       XKeyEvent, and it is handled as below.

       At first, the keysym name of event is acquired by the function
       XKeysymToString.	 Then, the name	is modified as below.

       If the name is one of 'a' .. 'z'	and event has a	Shift modifier,	the
       name is converted to 'A'	.. 'Z' respectively, and the Shift modifier is

       If the name is one byte length and event	has a Control modifier,	the
       byte is bitwise anded by	0x1F and the Control modifier is cleared.

       If event	still has modifiers, the name is preceded by 'S-' (Shift),
       'C-' (Control), 'M-' (Meta), 'A-' (Alt),	's-' (Super), and/or 'H-'
       (Hyper) in this order.

       For instance, if	the keysym name	is 'a' and the event has Shift,	Meta,
       and Hyper modifiers, the	resulting name is 'M-H-A'.

       At last,	a symbol who has the name is returned.

       Copyright (C) 2001 Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
       Copyright (C) 2001-2009 National	Institute of Advanced Industrial
       Science and Technology (AIST)
       Permission is granted to	copy, distribute and/or	modify this document
       under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

				  15 Oct 2009	    minput_event_to_key(3m17n)


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