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mlprof(1)		    General Commands Manual		     mlprof(1)

       mlprof -	display	profiling information for a MLton-compiled executable

       mlprof [option ...] a.out [mlmon.out ...]

       mlprof  extracts	 information from an executable	compiled by MLton with
       -profile	alloc or -profile time and the resulting mlmon.out  file  pro-
       duced by	running	the executable.

       The  output  of mlprof consists of an initial line indicating the total
       amount of CPU time or bytes allocated.  After  this,  source  functions
       are  listed  along with the percentage of this total that they used, in
       decreasing order.  If the  program  was	compiled  with	-profile-stack
       true,  mlprof  will display the time spent or bytes allocated while the
       function	was on the stack and in	GC in addition to the  time  or	 bytes
       that the	function is directly responsible for.

       With  multiple  mlmon.out files,	mlprof will sum	the profiling informa-

       -call-graph file
	      Write a call graph containing the	table data to a	dot file.  See
	      the MLton	User Guide for details.

       -graph-title string
	      Set the call-graph title.

       -gray {false|true}
	      Gray  call-graph	nodes  according  to stack %.  This only makes
	      sense if the executable was compiled -profile-stack true.

       -keep exp
	      Only show	functions specified by exp.  For details  on  the  al-
	      lowed expressions, see the MLton User Guide.  Multiple -keep ex-
	      pressions	are not	allowed.

       -mlmon file
	      Process the list of whitespace-separated mlmon.out  files	 found
	      in the specified file.

       -raw {false|true}
	      Show the raw counts in addition to the percentages.

       -show-line {false|true}
	      Show the file and	line for each function.

       -split regexp
	      Treat  duplicates	of functions whose name	matches	regexp as dif-
	      ferent functions.

       -thresh x
	      An abbreviation for -keep	'(thresh x)', which only prints	infor-
	      mation about functions whose percentage is greater than or equal
	      to x, where 0 <= x <= 100.0.

       -tolerant {false|true}
	      Print a warning about broken mlmon.out files, but	do not exit.

       mlton(1)	and the	MLton Guide.

				 June 8, 2010			     mlprof(1)


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