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MPSYM(1)			mpatrol	library			      MPSYM(1)

       mpsym - locates missing symbolic	information in an mpatrol log file

       mpsym [options] [progfile [logfile]]

       The  mpsym  command is used to parse a log file produced	by the mpatrol
       library and uses	a debugger to append symbol names and source level in-
       formation  to  code addresses in	stack tracebacks.  This	should be used
       if the USEDEBUG option is not supported on  a  particular  platform  or
       does  not  work	properly with a	specific program.  It will replace all
       existing	symbols	and source level information associated	with the stack
       tracebacks  in  the mpatrol log file and	will display the resulting log
       file on the standard output file	stream.

       The progfile argument must be the filename of the executable file  that
       produced	 the  mpatrol  log  file but if	progfile is omitted then mpsym
       will use	a.out as the name of the executable file to  use.   The	 mpsym
       command	will  read  the	 symbol	table and debugging sections from this
       file in order to	map the	code addresses that appear in the mpatrol  log
       file into symbol	names and source level information.  If	the executable
       file does not contain a symbol table  then  no  symbol  names  will  be
       available and if	it does	not contain the	appropriate debugging sections
       then no source level information	will be	available either.   Obviously,
       if the executable file is not the same as the one that created the mpa-
       trol log	file then the final output will	be wrong.

       The logfile argument must be a valid mpatrol log	filename but  if  log-
       file  is	omitted	then mpsym will	use mpatrol.log	as the name of the log
       file to use, or progfile.log if it can't	find that.  The	mpsym  command
       makes two passes	over the log file so the file must be randomly-access-

       The mpsym command currently uses	gdb as the debugger with which to  ob-
       tain the	additional information about the code addresses	in the mpatrol
       log file.  It also makes	use of several UNIX text processing  commands,
       including perl if it is installed, in order to extract information from
       the debugger's output and from the log file.  As	a  result,  the	 mpsym
       command	is  only  likely to work on UNIX platforms or on systems which
       have the	necessary commands installed.

       --help [-h]
	      Displays a quick-reference option	summary.

       --skip [-s]
	      Skip symbols marked as ??? in the	log file.

       --version [-V]
	      Displays the version number of the mpsym command.

       mpatrol(1), mprof(1),  mptrace(1),  mleak(1),  mpedit(1),  hexwords(1),
       gdb(1), perl(1),	libmpatrol(3), libmpalloc(3).

       The mpatrol manual and reference	card.

       Graeme S. Roy <>

       Copyright (C) 1997-2002 Graeme S. Roy <>

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License as  published
       by  the	Free  Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
       (at your	option)	any later version.

       This library is distributed in the hope that it	will  be  useful,  but
       WITHOUT	ANY  WARRANTY;	without	 even  the  implied  warranty  of MER-
       General Public License for more details.

       You  should  have received a copy of the	GNU Library General Public Li-
       cense along with	this library; if not, write to the Free	Software Foun-
       dation, Inc., 59	Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307,	USA.

Release	1.4			8 January 2002			      MPSYM(1)


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