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       netkey-tool - administrative utility for	Netkey E4 cards

       netkey-tool [OPTIONS] [COMMAND]

       The netkey-tool utility can be used from	the command line to perform
       some smart card operations with NetKey E4 cards that cannot be done
       easily with other OpenSC-tools, such as changing	local PINs, storing
       certificates into empty NetKey E4 cert-files or displaying the initial

       --help, -h
	   Displays a short help message.

       --pin pin, -p pin
	   Specifies the current value of the global PIN.

       --puk pin, -u pin
	   Specifies the current value of the global PUK.

       --pin0 pin, -0 pin
	   Specifies the current value of the local PIN0 (aka local PIN).

       --pin1 pin, -1 pin
	   Specifies the current value of the local PIN1 (aka local PUK).

       --reader	arg, -r	arg
	   Number of the reader	to use.	By default, the	first reader with a
	   present card	is used. If arg	is an ATR, the reader with a matching
	   card	will be	chosen.

	   Causes netkey-tool to be more verbose. This options may be
	   specified multiple times to increase	verbosity.

       With the	-p, -u,	-0 or the -1 one of the	cards pins may be specified.
       You may use plain ascii-strings (i.e. 123456) or	a hex-string (i.e.
       31:32:33:34:35:36). A hex-string	must consist of	exactly	n 2-digit
       hexnumbers separated by n-1 colons. Otherwise it	will be	interpreted as
       an ascii	string.	For example :12:34: and	1:2:3:4	are both pins of
       length 7, while 12:34 and 01:02:03:04 are pins of length	2 and 4.

       When used without any options or	commands, netkey-tool will display
       information about the smart cards pins and certificates.	This will not
       change your card	in any aspect (assumed there are no bugs in
       netkey-tool). In	particular the tries-left counters of the pins are
       investigated without doing actual pin-verifications.

       If you specify the global PIN via the --pin option, netkey-tool will
       also display the	initial	value of the cards global PUK. If your global
       PUK was changed netkey-tool will	still display its initial value.
       There's no way to recover a lost	global PUK once	it was changed.
       There's also no way to display the initial value	of your	global PUK
       without knowing the current value of your global	PIN.

       For most	of the commands	that netkey-tool can execute, you have to
       specify one pin.	One notable exception is the nullpin command, but this
       command can only	be executed once in the	lifetime of a NetKey E4	card.

       cert number filename
	   This	command	will read one of your cards certificates (as specified
	   by number) and save this certificate	into file filename in
	   PEM-format. Certificates on a NetKey	E4 card	are readable without a
	   pin,	so you don't have to specify one.

       cert filename number
	   This	command	will read the first PEM-encoded	certificate from file
	   filename and	store this into	your smart cards certificate file
	   number. Some	of your	smart cards certificate	files might be
	   readonly, so	this will not work with	all values of number. If a
	   certificate file is writable	you must specify a pin in order	to
	   change it. If you try to use	this command without specifying	a pin,
	   netkey-tool will tell you which one is needed.

       change {pin | puk | pin0	| pin1}	new-pin
	   This	changes	the value of the specified pin to the given new	value.
	   You must specify either the current value of	the pin	or another pin
	   to be able to do this and if	you don't specify a correct one,
	   netkey-tool will tell you which one is needed.

       nullpin initial-pin
	   This	command	can be executed	only if	the global PIN of your card is
	   in nullpin-state. There's no	way to return back to nullpin-state
	   once	you have changed your global PIN. You don't need a pin to
	   execute the nullpin-command.	After a	successful nullpin-command
	   netkey-tool will display your cards initial PUK-value.

       unblock {pin | pin0 | pin1}
	   This	unblocks the specified pin. You	must specify another pin to be
	   able	to do this and if you don't specify a correct one, netkey-tool
	   will	tell you which one is needed.


       netkey-tool was written by Peter	Koch <>.

opensc				  02/28/2021			NETKEY-TOOL(1)


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