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NEWUSERS.PL(8)			   usermatic			NEWUSERS.PL(8)

NAME - A perl script that	compares a list	of usernames and MD5
       sums output by to the passwd database and outputs a
       list of accounts	that are in that list but not in the passwd database.

SYNOPSIS	[ -h ] [ -i [input file] ] [ -o	[output	file] ]
       [ -f [MD5 sum field in GECOS] ] [ -G [affected group] ]

DESCRIPTION	iterates through /etc/passwd comparing MD5 sums	of
       users in	the group specified as argument	to -G to a list	of MD5 sums as
       output by It outputs a list of users that are in the
       input list but not in passwd(5).	This list is suitable for processing
       with userneu(8).

       -i [input file]
	    Read input from input file or stdin	if "-".

       -o [output file]
	    Write output to output file	or stdout if "-".

       -G [group]
	    Iterate over all users whose primary group is group.

       -a [file]
	    Read a list	of MD5 sums to be ignored from file. Even if these
	    sums are not found in passwd(5), they are not written to the out-
	    put	list.  This might be useful if you'd like to keep some old
	    user accounts without MD5 sums in the GECOS	field.

       -f [MD5 sum field in GECOS]
	    Specify the	field in GECOS that contains the MD5 sum.

	       list_digested   Default input filename
	       to_create       Default output filename

SEE ALSO,,, userneu(8)

	Johannes Grassler <>

perl v5.8.0			  2004-02-08			NEWUSERS.PL(8)


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