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NL(1)			  BSD General Commands Manual			 NL(1)

     nl	-- line	numbering filter

     nl	[-p] [-b type] [-d delim] [-f type] [-h	type] [-i incr]	[-l num]
	[-n format] [-s	sep] [-v startnum] [-w width] [file]

     The nl utility reads lines	from the named file, applies a configurable
     line numbering filter operation, and writes the result to the standard
     output.  If file is a single dash (`-') or	absent,	nl reads from the
     standard input.

     The nl utility treats the text it reads in	terms of logical pages.	 Un-
     less specified otherwise, line numbering is reset at the start of each
     logical page.  A logical page consists of a header, a body	and a footer
     section; empty sections are valid.	 Different line	numbering options are
     independently available for header, body and footer sections.

     The starts	of logical page	sections are signalled by input	lines contain-
     ing nothing but one of the	following sequences of delimiter characters:

	   Line	     Start of
	   \:\:\:    header
	   \:\:	     body
	   \:	     footer

     If	the input does not contain any logical page section signalling direc-
     tives, the	text being read	is assumed to consist of a single logical page

     The following options are available:

     -b	type	  Specify the logical page body	lines to be numbered.  Recog-
		  nized	type arguments are:

		  a	  Number all lines.

		  t	  Number only non-empty	lines.

		  n	  No line numbering.

		  pexpr	  Number only those lines that contain the basic regu-
			  lar expression specified by expr.

		  The default type for logical page body lines is t.

     -d	delim	  Specify the delimiter	characters used	to indicate the	start
		  of a logical page section in the input file.	At most	two
		  characters may be specified; if only one character is	speci-
		  fied,	the first character is replaced	and the	second charac-
		  ter remains unchanged.  The default delim characters are

     -f	type	  Specify the same as -b type except for logical page footer
		  lines.  The default type for logical page footer lines is n.

     -h	type	  Specify the same as -b type except for logical page header
		  lines.  The default type for logical page header lines is n.

     -i	incr	  Specify the increment	value used to number logical page
		  lines.  The default incr value is 1.

     -l	num	  If numbering of all lines is specified for the current logi-
		  cal section using the	corresponding -b a, -f a or -h a op-
		  tion,	specify	the number of adjacent blank lines to be con-
		  sidered as one.  For example,	-l 2 results in	only the sec-
		  ond adjacent blank line being	numbered.  The default num
		  value	is 1.

     -n	format	  Specify the line numbering output format.  Recognized	format
		  arguments are:
		  ln	  Left justified.
		  rn	  Right	justified, leading zeros suppressed.
		  rz	  Right	justified, leading zeros kept.

		  The default format is	rn.

     -p		  Specify that line numbering should not be restarted at logi-
		  cal page delimiters.

     -s	sep	  Specify the characters used in separating the	line number
		  and the corresponding	text line.  The	default	sep setting is
		  a single tab character.

     -v	startnum  Specify the initial value used to number logical page	lines;
		  see also the description of the -p option.  The default
		  startnum value is 1.

     -w	width	  Specify the number of	characters to be occupied by the line
		  number; in case the width is insufficient to hold the	line
		  number, it will be truncated to its width least significant
		  digits.  The default width is	6.

     The LANG, LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE	and LC_COLLATE environment variables affect
     the execution of nl as described in environ(7).

     The nl utility exits 0 on success,	and >0 if an error occurs.

     jot(1), pr(1)

     The nl utility conforms to	IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 ("POSIX.1").

     The nl utility first appeared in AT&T System V Release 2 UNIX.

     Input lines are limited to	LINE_MAX (2048)	bytes in length.

BSD				  May 4, 2014				   BSD


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