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opendkim-genzone(8)	    System Manager's Manual	   opendkim-genzone(8)

       opendkim-genzone	- DKIM public key zone file generation tool

       opendkim-genzone	 [-C  address]	[-d  domain]  [-D]  [-E	secs] [-F] [-N
       ns[,...]]  [-o file] [-r	secs] [-R secs]	[-S] [-t secs] [-T secs]  [-u]
       [-v] [-x	conffile] [dataset]

       opendkim-genzone	 generates  a  file  suitable for use with named(8) to
       publish a set of	public keys.

       The dataset parameter should specify a set of data as described in  the
       opendkim(8)  man	page.  It can currently	refer to flat files, Sleepycat
       databases, comma-separated lists, LDAP directories  or  SQL  databases.
       The  dataset may	be omitted if a	configuration file (via	the -x command
       line flag) is specified referring to a configuration file that  sets  a
       KeyTable	parameter, in which case that value will be used.

       The database contents should be formatted as described for the KeyTable
       parameter, described in the opendkim.conf(5) man	page.

       -C contact
	      Uses contact as the contact information to be used when  an  SOA
	      record  is  generated  (see  -S  below).	 If not	specified, the
	      userid of	the executing user and	the  local  hostname  will  be
	      used;  if	 the  executing	user can't be determined, "hostmaster"
	      will be used.

       -d domain
	      Restricts	output to those	records	for which the domain field  is
	      the specified domain.

       -D     Adds a "._domainkey" suffix to selector names in the zone	file.

       -E secs
	      When  generating	an  SOA	record (see -S below), use secs	as the
	      default record expiration	time.  The default is 604800.

       -F     Adds a "._domainkey" suffix and the domainname to	selector names
	      in the zone file.

       -N nslist
	      Specifies	 a  comma-separated list of nameservers, which will be
	      output in	NS records before the TXT records.   The  first	 name-
	      server  in  this list will also be used in the SOA record	(if -S
	      is also specified) as the	authority hostname.

       -o file
	      Sends output to the named	file rather than standard output.

       -r secs
	      When generating an SOA record (see -S below), use	 secs  as  the
	      zone refresh time.  The default is 10800.

       -R secs
	      When  generating	an  SOA	record (see -S below), use secs	as the
	      zone retry time.	The default is 1800.

       -S     Asks for an SOA record to	be generated at	the top	of the output.
	      The  content  of this output can be controlled using the -E, -r,
	      -R, -T options.  The serial number will be  generated  based  on
	      the current time of day.

       -t ttl Puts  a  TTL  (time-to-live) value of ttl	on all records output.
	      The units	are in seconds.

       -T secs
	      When generating an SOA record (see -S below), use	 secs  as  the
	      default record TTL time.	The default is 86400.

       -u     Produce output suitable for use as input to nsupdate(8).

       -v     Increases	 the verbosity of debugging output written to standard

       -x conffile
	      Names an opendkim.conf(5)	file to	be read	for LDAP-specific  pa-
	      rameters when an LDAP dataset is given on	the command line.  Not
	      required for other  dataset  types.   The	 default  is  /usr/lo-

       This  man page covers the version of opendkim-genzone that shipped with
       version 2.10.3 of OpenDKIM.

       Copyright (c) 2010, 2012, 2014, The Trusted Domain Project.  All	rights

       nsupdate(8), opendkim(8), opendkim.conf(5)

			  The Trusted Domain Project	   opendkim-genzone(8)


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