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OPENTTD(6)		       BSD Games Manual			    OPENTTD(6)

     openttd --	open source clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon

     openttd [-efhx] [-b blitter] [-c config_file]
	     [-d [level	| cat=lvl[,...]]] [-D [host][:port]] [-g [savegame]]
	     [-G seed] [-I graphicsset]	[-l host[:port]] [-m driver]
	     [-M musicset] [-n host[:port][#player]] [-p password]
	     [-P password] [-q savegame] [-r widthxheight] [-s driver]
	     [-S soundset] [-t year] [-v driver]

     -b	blitter		      Select the blitter blitter; see -h for a full

     -c	config_file	      Use config_file instead of openttd.cfg.

     -d	[level]		      Set debug	verbosity for all categories to	level,
			      or 1 if omitted.

     -d	cat=lvl[,...]	      Set debug	verbosity to lvl for a specific	cate-
			      gory cat.

     -D	[host][:port]	      Start a dedicated	server.

			      Network debug level will be set to 6.  If	you
			      want to change this, set -d after	setting	-D.

     -e			      Start in world editor mode.

     -f			      Fork into	background (dedicated server only, see

     -g	[savegame]	      Load savegame at start or	start a	new game if
			      omitted.	savegame must be either	an absolute
			      path or one relative to the current path or one
			      of the search paths.

     -G	seed		      Seed the pseudo random number generator with

     -h			      Display a	summary	of all options and list	all
			      the available AIs, blitters, sound, music	and
			      video drivers, graphics sets and sound sets.

     -I	graphicsset	      Select the graphics set graphicsset; see -h for
			      a	full list.

     -l	host[:port]	      Redirect DEBUG() output; see -D.

     -m	driver		      Select the music driver driver; see -h for a
			      full list.

     -M	musicset	      Select the music set musicset; see -h for	a full

     -n	host[:port][#player]  Join a network game, optionally specifying a
			      port to connect to and player to play as.

     -p	password	      Password used to join server.  Only useful with

     -P	password	      Password used to join company.  Only useful with

     -q	savegame	      Write some information about the specified
			      savegame and exit.

     -r	widthxheight	      Set the resolution to width x height pixels.

     -s	driver		      Select the sound driver driver; see -h for a
			      full list.

     -S	soundset	      Select the sound set soundset; see -h for	a full

     -t	year		      Set the starting year to year.

     -v	driver		      Select the video driver driver; see -h for a
			      full list.

     -x			      Do not automatically save	to config file on

     Wiki: (includes community	maintained manual),
     Forum:, News:

     Transport Tycoon Deluxe was written by Chris Sawyer and published by Mi-
     croprose.	openttd	is a free reimplementation.

BSD			       October 13, 2014				   BSD


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