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pbs_statjob(3B)			      PBS		       pbs_statjob(3B)

       pbs_statjob - obtain status of pbs batch	jobs

       #include	<pbs_error.h>
       #include	<pbs_ifl.h>

       struct batch_status *pbs_statjob(int connect, char *id,
       struct attrl *attrib, char *extend)

       void pbs_statfree(struct	batch_status *psj)

       Issue  a	batch request to obtain	the status of a	specified batch	job or
       a set of	jobs at	a destination.

       A Status	Job batch request is generated and sent	to the server over the
       connection  specified  by connect which is the return value of pbs_con-

       The parameter, id, may be either	a  job	identifier  or	a  destination

       If  id  is  a job identifier, it	is the identifier of the job for which
       status is requested.   It  is  specified	 in  the  form:	 sequence_num-

       If id is	a destination identifier, it specifies that status of all jobs
       at the destination (queue) which	the user is authorized to see  be  re-
       turned.	If id is the null pointer or a null string, the	status of each
       job at the server which the user	is authorized to see is	returned.

       The parameter, attrib, is a pointer to an attrl structure which is  de-
       fined in	pbs_ifl.h as:

	   struct attrl	{
	       struct attrl *next;
	       char	    *name;
	       char	    *resource;
	       char	    *value;

       The  attrib  list is terminated by the first entry where	next is	a null
       pointer.	 If attrib is given, then only the attributes in the list  are
       returned	by the server.	Otherwise, all the attributes of a job are re-
       turned.	When an	attrib list is specified, the name member is a pointer
       to  a  attribute	name as	listed in pbs_alter(3) and pbs_submit(3).  The
       resource	member is only used if the name	member is ATTR_l, otherwise it
       should be a pointer to a	null string.  The value	member should aways be
       a pointer to a null string.

       The parameter, extend, is reserved for  implementation  defined	exten-
       sions.	TORQUE 2.0.0p1 added the #define'd constant string EXECQUEONLY
       to only retrieve	jobs in	execution queues.

       The return value	is a pointer to	a list of batch_status	structures  or
       the  null pointer if no jobs can	be queried for status.	The batch_sta-
       tus structure is	defined	in pbs_ifl.h as

	   struct batch_status {
	       struct batch_status *next;
	       char		   *name;
	       struct attrl	   *attribs;
	       char		   *text;

       It is up	the user to free the structure when no longer needed, by call-
       ing pbs_statfree().

       qstat(1B) and pbs_connect(3B)

       When  the  batch	 request  generated by pbs_statjob() function has been
       completed successfully and the status of	each job has been returned  by
       the  batch  server,  the	 routine  will return a	pointer	to the list of
       batch_status structures.	 If no jobs were available to query or an  er-
       ror occurred, a null pointer is returned.  The global integer pbs_errno
       should be examined to determine the cause.

Local							       pbs_statjob(3B)


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