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PDFTEX.CFG(5)			 File Formats			 PDFTEX.CFG(5)

       pdftex.cfg - configuration settings for MiKTeX-pdfTeX

       MiKTeX-pdfTeX configurations settings are read from the file pdftex.cfg
       when a format file is being created by MiKTeX-pdfTeX.

	   Do not edit this file directly. Run initexmf	--edit-config-file
	   pdftex.cfg to edit configuration settings for MiKTeX-pdfTeX.

       A typical pdftex.cfg file looks like this, setting up output for	A4
       paper size and the standard TeX offset of 1 inch:

	   compress_level 9
	   decimal_digits 3
	   horigin 1 true in
	   vorigin 1 true in
	   image_resolution 300
	   move_chars 1
	   output_format 1
	   page_width 210 true mm
	   page_height 297 true	mm
	   pdf_minorversion 4
	   pk_resolution 600

       The configuration file sets default values for these parameters,	and
       they all	can be overridden in the TeX source file. Dimensions can be
       specified as true, which	makes them immune for magnification (when

	   This	integer	parameter specifies the	level of text and in||line
	   graphics compression.  MiKTeX-pdfTeX	uses Zip compression. A	value
	   of 0	means no compression, 1	means fastest, 9 means best, 2..8
	   means something in between. Just set	this value to 9, unless	there
	   is a	good reason to do otherwise; 0 is great	for testing macros
	   that	use \pdfliteral.

	   This	integer	specifies the preciseness of real numbers in PDF page
	   descriptions. It gives the maximal number of	decimal	digits after
	   the decimal point of	real numbers. Valid values are in range	0..5.
	   A higher value means	more precise output, but also results in a
	   much	larger file size and more time to display or print. In most
	   cases the optimal value is 2. This parameter	does not influence the
	   precision of	numbers	used in	raw PDF	code, like that	used in
	   \pdfliteral and annotation action specifications.

       horigin & vorigin
	   These dimension parameters can be used to set the offset of the TeX
	   output box from the top left	corner of the "paper".

	   When	MiKTeX-pdfTeX is not able to determine the natural dimensions
	   of an image,	it assumes a resolution	of type	72 dots	per inch. Use
	   this	variable to change this	default	value.

	   Although PDF	output is claimed to be	portable, especially when all
	   font	information is included	in the file, problems with printing
	   and viewing have a persistent nature. Moving	the characters in
	   range 0-31 sometimes	helps a	lot. When set to 1, characters are
	   only	moved when a font has less than	128 glyphs, when set to	2
	   higher slots	are used too.

	   This	integer	parameter specifies whether the	output format should
	   be DVI or PDF. A positive value means PDF output, otherwise we get
	   DVI output.

       page_width & page_height
	   These two dimension parameters specify the output medium dimensions
	   (the	paper, screen or whatever the page is put on). If they are not
	   specified, these values are calculated.

	   Sets	the PDF	version	of the generated file and the latest allowed
	   PDF version of included PDFs. The value 3 tells MiKTeX-pdfTeX to
	   set the PDF version to 1.3 and allows only included PDFs with
	   versions less than 1.3. A suitable default value is 4.

	   One can use this entry to specify the resolution for	bitmap fonts.
	   Nowadays most printers are capable to print at least	600 dots per
	   inch, so this is a reasonable default.

MiKTeX 20.11		       November	2, 2020			 PDFTEX.CFG(5)


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