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persp_project(3)		Allegro	manual		      persp_project(3)

       persp_project,  persp_project_f	-  Projects  a 3d point	into 2d	screen
       space. Allegro game programming library.

       #include	<allegro.h>

       void persp_project(fixed	x,  fixed  y,  fixed  z,  fixed	 *xout,	 fixed

       void  persp_project_f(float  x,	float  y,  float z, float *xout, float

       Projects	the 3d point (x, y, z) into 2d screen space, storing  the  re-
       sult  in	(*xout,	*yout) and using the scaling parameters	previously set
       by calling set_projection_viewport(). This function projects  from  the
       normalized viewing pyramid, which has a camera at the origin and	facing
       along the positive z axis. The x	axis runs left/right, y	runs  up/down,
       and  z increases	with depth into	the screen. The	camera has a 90	degree
       field of	view, ie. points on the	planes x=z and -x=z will map onto  the
       left  and right edges of	the screen, and	the planes y=z and -y=z	map to
       the top and bottom of the screen. If you	want a different field of view
       or  camera  location, you should	transform all your objects with	an ap-
       propriate viewing matrix, eg. to	get the	effect of panning  the	camera
       10  degrees  to	the  left,  rotate  all	your objects 10	degrees	to the

       set_projection_viewport(3), get_camera_matrix(3), ex3d(3), exstars(3)

Allegro				 version 4.4.3		      persp_project(3)


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