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PFE(1)				     LGPL				PFE(1)

       PFE - manual page for Portable Forth Environment	0.33.71

       pfe [-#bcdefhklrsv] [file] [args..]

       Portable	Forth Environment 0.33.71 (Mar	1 2021 07:33:28)

       Copyright (C) Dirk Uwe Zoller  1993 - 1995.
       Copyright (C) Tektronix,	Inc.  1998 - 2003.
       Copyright (C) Guido U. Draheim 2005 - 2008.

       -B     --prefix DIR
	      prefix installation path to be used [.]

       -C     --case-sensitive
	      turn on case-sensitive matching (no upper) [OFF]

       -c     --caps-lock
	      turn on CAPS lock	[OFF]

       -e     --evaluate
	      bootcommand to evaluate

       -f     --max-files
	      maximum N	simultaneously open files [16]

       -F     --lowercase-fn
	      convert file names to lower case [ON]

       -G     --float-input
	      allow input of floating point numbers [ON]

       -i     --bootfile FILE
	      use FILE as forth	script inside boot

       -k     --total-size SIZE
	      SIZE of system in	KBytes [1024 K]

       -l     --lower-case
	      base system's wordlists are case insensitive [ON]

       -L     --license
	      display license

       -p     --max-pockets N
	      number of	pockets	for S" [8]

       -q     --quiet
	      suppress signon message

       -r     --ret-stack SIZE
	      SIZE of return stack in cells [0]

       -s     --stack SIZE
	      SIZE of stack in cells [0]

       -t     --flt-stack SIZE
	      SIZE of floating point stack in items

       -T     --screen CxR
	      text screen has C/columns	and R/rows [80x25]

       -v     --verbose			  verbose

       -V     --version
	      version string

       -W     --warranty
	      display warranty.	Of course: Absolutely none.

       -y     --bye
	      non-interactive, exit after running file

       -?     --help
	      display this message and exit

	      *	 Turn  option off by appending "-" to the letter.  * The given
	      file is loaded initially.

       -I     --path <path>
	      add to search path

       -P     --pipe
	      run in pipe, just	read from stdio

       -!     --debug
	      start debugging

	      *	generic	options:  (transferred	into  environment-wordlist)  *
	      --OPTION-string=<str>	set  string  'OPTION' (without -string
	      suffix) *	--OPTION-value=<val>	 set value  'OPTION'  (without
	      -value  suffix)  * --OPTION-(dir|file|image)=<name> set a	string
	      variable of this	name  *	 --OPTION-(init|command)=<string>  ap-
	      pend/reset  an  *-init  string  of  pfe  *  --OPTION-(ext|exten-
	      sions)=<string>  append/reset  ext(ensions)  variable  *	 --OP-
	      TION-path=<name>	    append  to 'OPTION-PATH' with path-delim *
	      --OPTION-cells=<val>     set value 'OPTION-CELLS'	in  size  ele-
	      ments  *	--OPTION-base=<val>	 set value 'OPTION-BASE' as if
	      an offset	* --OPTION-<on|off>	   set value 'OPTION' to  flag
	      as  true or false	* --OPTION-name=<str>	   set strng '$OPTION'
	      to the name string * --OPTION-size=<val[K]>    set  value	 '/OP-
	      TION',  understands  K=1024 etc.	* --max-OPTION=<val[K]>	   set
	      value '#OPTION', understands K=1024 etc.

	      e.g. --map-base --map-file --dump-file --str-buffer-size

	      --make-image --block-file	--boot-file

	      --max-cpus --max-files --inc-path

	      --fp-stack-size --return-stack-size


       The full	documentation for PFE is maintained as a docbook  manual.   It
       is  usually  placed in a	doc/PFE	subdirectory in	the filesystem at your
       site, rendered as html or xml files.

Portable Forth Environment 0.33.71March	2021				PFE(1)


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