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PIM6DD(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		     PIM6DD(8)

     pim6dd -- PIM for IPv6 dense mode daemon

     pim6dd [-c	configfile] [-d	[debug_level [,debug_level]]]

     pim6dd is an IPv6 multicast routing daemon, which supports	PIMv2(Protocol
     Independent Multicast Version 2) dense mode for IPv6.

     Options supported by pim6dd:

     -c	configfile
	     Specify alternate location, configfile, for configuration file.
	     By	default, /etc/pim6dd.conf is used.

     -d	     Specify debug levels. If this option is specified without any ar-
	     guments, all debug	messages will be printed out.  A subset	of the
	     messages to be printed out	can be specified as arguments of the
	     option.  Valid debug levels are timeout, packets, interfaces,
	     kernel, mfc, pim_detail, pim_hello, kernel, mfc, pim_detail,
	     pim_hello,	pim_jp,	pim_graft, pim_asserts,	pim_routes,
	     pim_timers, rpf, pim, routes, routers, timers, and	asserts.

     pim6dd automatically configures itself to forward on all multicast-capa-
     ble interfaces, i.e., interfaces that have	the IFF_MULTICAST flag set
     (excluding	the "loopback interface" and interaces that do not have	an
     IPv6 address).  To	override the default configuration, configuration com-
     mands may be placed in /etc/pim6dd.conf (or an alternative	file,
     specified by the `-c' option).  Note that pim6dd ignores interfaces that
     do	not have an IPv6 address.  Such	interfaces should not appear in	the
     configuration file.

     /etc/pim6dd.conf  The default configuration file.

     daemon(3),	pim6dd.conf(5)

     The pim6dd	command	is based on pimdd, which is an IPv4 multicast routing
     daemon developed at the University	of Oregon.  pimdd has been derived
     from PIM sparse-mode pimd developed at University of Southern California.
     Part of these two programs	above has also been derived from mrouted.
     mrouted is	COPYRIGHT 1989 by The Board of Trustees	of Leland Stanford Ju-
     nior University.

     pim6dd does not contain any unicast routing engine, so a unicast routing
     daemon needs to run on the	system.

     The kernel	unicast	routing	table is periodically polled by	pim6dd in or-
     der to follow changes of existing unicast routes.

     pim6dd must be used on an IPv6 router.  Be	sure to	set
     net.inet6.ip6.forwarding variable to 1 with sysctl(8).

KAME				 Nov 17, 1998				  KAME


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