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PIM6DD.CONF(5)		    BSD	File Formats Manual		PIM6DD.CONF(5)

     pim6dd.conf -- config file	for pim6dd, PIM	for IPv6 dense mode daemon

     The file describes	how the	pim6dd(8) daemon treats	each interface on the
     system.  By default(including the case where there	is no configuration
     file), PIM	will be	activated on all interfaces, which can be overridden
     by	the file.  Lines beginning with	`#' are	comments.

     The following configuration directives are	availble:

     default_source_preference preference
	     Specifies a default preference value when sending a PIM assert
	     message.  Preferences are used by assert elections	to determine
	     upstream routers.	Currently pim6dd(8) does not have an effective
	     method to obtain preferences and metrics from the unicast routing
	     protocols,	so you may want	to set a default value by hand.
     default_source_metric metric
	     Specifies a default metric	value when sending a PIM assert	mes-
	     sage.  Since pim6dd(8) cannot get an effective metric of unicast
	     routing, it is recommended	that preferences is set	such that met-
	     rics are never consulted. However,	default	metrics	may also be
	     set, and its default value	is 1024.
     phyint interface [disable]
	     Specifies pim6dd(8) to ignore the interface even if the interface
	     is	multicast-capable.  Interfaces are specified in	the form of
	     "name unit", such as gif0 and ep1.
     phyint interface [preference preference] [metric metric]
	     Specifies the preference and/or metric values when	sending	a PIM
	     assert message on the interface.
     filter groupaddrs interfaces...
	     Specifies an output filter	by defining an administrative scope.
	     If	an incoming multicast packet's destination matches the speci-
	     fied groupaddrs, the packet is not	sent on	the interfaces.	More-
	     over, if there is no other	interface than the specified inter-
	     faces, pim6dd(8) sends a prune message to the upstream neighbor.
	     Valid formats of groupaddrs are as	follows.
		     specifies a numerical range of a scope.  Multicast	ad-
		     dresses from multicastaddr1 to multicastaddr2 will	be
		     filtered out.  Note that neither a	white space nor	a tab
		     character must not	be inserted before nor after `-'.
		     specifies a group prefix of a scope.  Multicast addresses
		     which match the specified prefix will be filtered out.
		     If	prefixlen is omitted, it means the exact match for
	     interfaces	are specified as a blank separated list	of interfaces.
	     Each interface is specified in the	form of	"name unit".

     # phyint gif0 disable
     # phyint ep0 preference 101
     phyint de0	disable
     filter ff15::4000/120 gif1	gif2
     filter ff18::1000-ff18::1050 gif3


     The pim6dd(8) command and the configuration file pim6dd.conf are based on
     pimdd, which is an	IPv4 multicast routing daemon developed	at the Univer-
     sity of Oregon.  pimdd has	been derived from PIM sparse-mode pimd devel-
     oped at University	of Southern California.	 Part of these two programs
     above has also been derived from mrouted.	mrouted	is COPYRIGHT 1989 by
     The Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University.

KAME				 Nov 17, 1998				  KAME


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