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PKG-INFO(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		   PKG-INFO(8)

     pkg info -- display information for packages

     pkg info pkg-name
     pkg info -a
     pkg info [-ABbDdefIklOpqRrs] [-Cgix] pkg-name
     pkg info [-ABbDdfIlpqRrs] -F pkg-file

     pkg info pkg-name
     pkg info --all
     pkg info [--{annotations,provided-shlibs,required-shlibs}]
	 [--{case-sensitive,glob,case-insensitive,regex}] pkg-name
     pkg info [--{annotations,provided-shlibs,required-shlibs}]
	 [--{quiet,prefix,raw,required-by,size}] --file	pkg-file
	 [--raw-format format]

     pkg info is used for displaying information for packages.

     The following options are supported by pkg	info:

     -A, --annotations
	     Display any annotations added to the package.

     -a, --all
	     Display all installed packages.

     -B, --required-shlibs
	     Display all shared	libraries used by pkg-name.

     -b, --provided-shlibs
	     Display all shared	libraries provided by pkg-name.

     -C, --case-sensitive
	     Make the standard or the regular expression (-x) matching against
	     pkg-name case sensitive.

     -D, --pkg-message
	     Show the pkg-message for matching packages.

     -d, --dependencies
	     Display the list of packages on which pkg-name depends.

     -E, --show-name-only
	     Hides the full package output and only shows the package name.
	     This option is deprecated and exists only for Ports compatibil-

     -e, --exists
	     If	pkg-name is installed and registered in	the database, return
	     0,	otherwise return 1.  Useful for	checking whether the package
	     is	installed.

     -F	pkg-file, --file pkg-file
	     Displays information from the package archive pkg-file.

     -f, --full
	     Display full information about the	packages matching pkg-name.
	     This is the default.

     -g, --glob
	     Treat pkg-name as a shell glob pattern.

     -I, --comment
	     Display the specified packages and	their comments.

     -i, --case-insensitive
	     Make the standard or the regular expression (-x) matching against
	     pkg-name case insensitive.	 This is the default, unless modified
	     by	setting	CASE_SENSITIVE_MATCH to	true in	pkg.conf.

     -k, --locked
	     Show the locking status for pkg-name.  When used in combination
	     with -d or	-r, indicate which packages, dependencies or require-
	     ments are locked by '(*)'.	 Locking status	is only	meaningful for
	     installed packages; all locking statuses will show	as unlocked
	     when information about a pkg-file is queried.

     -l, --list-files
	     Display all files installed by pkg-name.

     -O, --by-origin
	     Search is done by the pkg-name origin.  Added only	for Ports com-

     -o, --origin
	     Display pkg-name origin.

     -p, --prefix
	     Display the installation prefix for each package matching

     -q, --quiet
	     Be	"quiet".  Prints only the requested information	without	dis-
	     playing many hints.

     -R, --raw
	     Display the full manifest (raw) for the packages matching

     -r, --required-by
	     Display the list of packages which	require	pkg-name.

     --raw-format format
	     Choose the	format of the raw output.  The format can be: ucl (de-
	     fault), json, json-compact, yaml.

     -s, --size
	     Display the total size of files installed by pkg-name.

     -x, --regex
	     Treat pkg-name as a regular expression according to the "modern"
	     or	"extended" syntax of re_format(7).

     The following environment variables affect	the execution of pkg info.
     See pkg.conf(5) for further description.



     See pkg.conf(5).

     pkg_create(3), pkg_printf(3), pkg_repos(3), pkg-keywords(5),
     pkg-lua-script(5),	pkg-repository(5), pkg-script(5), pkg-triggers(5),
     pkg.conf(5), pkg(8), pkg-add(8), pkg-alias(8), pkg-annotate(8),
     pkg-audit(8), pkg-autoremove(8), pkg-check(8), pkg-clean(8),
     pkg-config(8), pkg-create(8), pkg-delete(8), pkg-fetch(8),
     pkg-install(8), pkg-lock(8), pkg-query(8),	pkg-register(8), pkg-repo(8),
     pkg-rquery(8), pkg-search(8), pkg-set(8), pkg-shell(8), pkg-shlib(8),
     pkg-ssh(8), pkg-stats(8), pkg-triggers(8),	pkg-update(8),
     pkg-updating(8), pkg-upgrade(8), pkg-version(8), pkg-which(8)

FreeBSD	13.0		       December	1, 2014			  FreeBSD 13.0


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