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PNFSDSKILL(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		 PNFSDSKILL(8)

     pnfsdskill	-- disables a pNFS data	storage	server (DS)

     pnfsdskill	[-f] mounted-on-DS-dir

     The pnfsdskill command disables one DS when mirroring is enabled.	If one
     mirrored DS is malfunctioning, a system administrator may use this	com-
     mand on the metadata server (MDS) to disable use of this mirror.  This
     command must be used on the MDS and the mounted-on-DS-dir must be the ex-
     act pathname used when mounting the DS on the MDS.	 Normally this command
     will fail if there	is no valid mirror for the DS available.

     The following option is available:

     -f	     This option forces	the DS to be disabled even if there is no
	     valid mirror for the DS available.	 It should only	be used	to al-
	     low the nfsd(8) threads to	be terminated.

     If	this command fails with	"Device	not configured"	(ENXIO), it probably
     means that	the DS has already been	disabled due to	an error either	de-
     tected by the MDS or reported to the MDS by a client.

     The pNFS service should continue to run normally so long as the number of
     operational DSs is	at least as many as the	level of mirroring.

     nfsv4(4), pnfs(4),	nfsd(8), pnfsdscopymr(8), pnfsdsfile(8)

     The pnfsdskill command first appeared in FreeBSD 12.0.

BSD				 July 9, 2018				   BSD


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