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     poudriere-testport	-- test	a given	port's build

     poudriere [poudriere-options] testport [options] [-o] origin

     The specified port	will be	tested for build and packaging problems.  All
     missing dependencies will first be	built in parallel.  TRYBROKEN=yes is
     automatically defined in the environment to test ports marked as BROKEN.
     See FLAVORS in poudriere(8) for supported FLAVORS syntax.

     One port origin must be specified.

     -o	origin	  Specifies an origin in the ports tree.

     -B	name	  Specify which	buildname to use.  By default
		  YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS will be used.  This can be used to re-
		  sume a previous build	and use	the same log and URL paths.
		  Resuming a build will	not retry built/failed/skipped/ignored

     -c		  Run make config for the given	port.

     -i		  Interactive mode.  Enter jail	for interactive	testing	and
		  automatically	cleanup	when done.  A local pkg.conf(5)	repos-
		  itory	configuration will be installed	to
		  LOCALBASE/etc/pkg/repos/local.conf so	that pkg(8) can	be
		  used with any	existing packages built	for the	jail.  The
		  FreeBSD repository will be disabled by default.

     -I		  Advanced Interactive mode.  Leaves jail running with port
		  installed after test.	 When done with	the jail you will need
		  to manually shut it down:
			poudriere jail -k -j JAILNAME.
		  As with -i this will install a pkg.conf(5) file for pkg(8)

     -j	name	  Runs only inside the jail named name.

     -J	number[:number]
		  This argument	specifies how many number jobs will run	in
		  parallel for building	the dependencies.  The optional	second
		  number is the	number of jobs used for	the steps before the
		  build, they are more IO bound	than CPU bound,	so you may
		  want to use a	different number.  The default pre-build value
		  is 1.25 times	the value of the build value.

     -k		  Do not consider failures as fatal.  Find all failures.

     -n		  Dry run.  Show what would be done, but do not	actually build
		  or delete any	packages.

     -N		  Do not build package repository when build of	dependencies
		  is completed.

     -P		  Use custom prefix.

     -O	overlays  Specify extra	ports trees to overlay.

     -p	tree	  Specifies which ports	tree to	use.

     -S		  Do not recursively rebuild packages affected by other	pack-
		  ages requiring incremental rebuild.  This may	result in bro-
		  ken packages if the ones they	depend on are updated, are not
		  ABI-compatible, and were not properly	PORTREVISION bumped.

     -v		  This will show more information during the build.  Specify
		  twice	to enable debug	output.

     -w		  Save WRKDIR on build failure.	 The WRKDIR will be tarred up
		  into ${POUDRIERE_DATA}/wrkdirs.

     -z	set	  This specifies which SET to use for the build.  See
		  CUSTOMISATION	in poudriere(8)	for examples of	how this is

     poudriere(8), poudriere-bulk(8), poudriere-distclean(8),
     poudriere-image(8), poudriere-jail(8), poudriere-logclean(8),
     poudriere-options(8), poudriere-pkgclean(8), poudriere-ports(8),
     poudriere-queue(8), poudriere-status(8), poudriere-version(8)

     Baptiste Daroussin	<>
     Bryan Drewery <>

BSD			       December	9, 2019				   BSD


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