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PUPPET(8)			 Puppet	manual			     PUPPET(8)


       Usage: puppet subcommand	[options] action [options]

       Available subcommands:

       agent The puppet	agent daemon apply Apply Puppet	manifests locally con-
       fig Interact with Puppet's settings. help Display Puppet	 help.	lookup
       Interactive Hiera lookup	module Creates,	installs and searches for mod-
       ules on the Puppet Forge. resource The resource abstraction layer shell

       catalog Compile,	save, view, and	 convert  catalogs.  describe  Display
       help about resource types device	Manage remote network devices doc Gen-
       erate Puppet references epp Interact directly  with  the	 EPP  template
       parser/renderer.	 facts	Retrieve and store facts. filebucket Store and
       retrieve	files in a filebucket generate Generates Puppet	code from Ruby
       definitions. node View and manage node definitions. parser Interact di-
       rectly with the parser. plugin Interact with the	Puppet plugin  system.
       script  Run  a puppet manifests as a script without compiling a catalog
       ssl Manage SSL keys and certificates for	puppet SSL clients

       See 'puppet help	subcommand action' for help on a  specific  subcommand
       action. See 'puppet help	subcommand' for	help on	a specific subcommand.
       Puppet v7.21.0

Puppet,	Inc.			 December 2022			     PUPPET(8)


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