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RLEZOOM(1)		    General Commands Manual		    RLEZOOM(1)

       rlezoom - Magnify an RLE	file by	pixel replication.

       rlezoom factor [	y-factor ] [ -f	] [ -o outfile ] [ infile ]

       This  program magnifies (zooms) an RLE(5) file by a floating point fac-
       tor.  Each pixel	in the original	image becomes a	block of pixels	in the
       output image.  If no y-factor is	specified, then	the image will be mag-
       nified by factor	equally	in both	directions.   If  y-factor  is	given,
       then  each  input  pixel	becomes	a block	of factor x y-factor pixels in
       the output.  If factor or y-factor is less than	1.0,  pixels  will  be
       dropped	from  the image.  There	is no pixel blending performed.	 Input
       is taken	from infile, or	from the standard input	if not specified.  The
       magnified image is written to the standard output, or outfile, if spec-

       You should use rlezoom over fant(1) if you just want a quick magnifica-
       tion  of	 an  image  with the pixel boundaries showing.	It is signifi-
       cantly faster than fant because it does no arithmetic on	the pixel val-
       ues.   If you need blending between pixels in the magnified image, then
       fant is the correct program to use.  Use	rlezoom	-f factor y-factor  to
       produce	an  image  the same size as fant -p 0 0	-s factor y-factor for
       previewing purposes.

       Note: due to the	way that scanargs(3) parses  the  arguments  from  the
       command	line, if the name of infile is a number, and it	is in the cur-
       rent directory, you should prefix it with "./" so that it will  not  be
       confused	with factor or y-factor.

       fant(1),	urt(1),	scanargs(3), RLE(5).

       Spencer W. Thomas, Gerald A. Winters.

4th Berkeley Distribution	 Feb 27, 1987			    RLEZOOM(1)


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