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rundeux(8)			   runtools			    rundeux(8)

       rundeux - run a program with an associated logger

       rundeux [-hV] [-d] [-L label ] [-S sep ]	[-x] program <'::'|'sep'> log-

       program and logger may each be one or more arguments.  They  are	 sepa-
       rated  by  the  verbatim	 string	``::'',	or by the sep argument defined
       with the	-S option.

       rundeux starts program and logger with the stdout of program  connected
       to the stdin of logger.	Normally program is intended to	be a long-run-
       ning process, and logger	is a program that logs the data	 it  reads  on
       its  standard  input.   Both program and	logger should be set up	to run
       under supervision as foreground processes.

       After starting, rundeux continues to monitor both program  and  logger.
       If  either process should terminate, rundeux restarts it.  When rundeux
       itself receives any signal it can catch,	it passes  it  on  to  program
       with the	kill(2)	command.

       If rundeux receives SIGTERM, it flags itself to terminate and initiates
       a shutdown sequence.  It	sends SIGTERM and SIGCONT to program and waits
       for  it to terminate.  It then closes the stdin of logger and waits for
       it to terminate.	 Then rundeux itself exits normally.

       -d     Detach.  Normally	rundeux	itself runs as a  foreground  process.
	      The  -d  option  may  be	used  to  run  rundeux as a background
	      process, in its own session and process group, detached from the
	      controlling terminal.

       -h     Help.  Print a brief usage message to stderr and exit.

       -L label
	      Label.  May be used to provide label as a	distinctive tag	for an
	      instance of rundeux, such	as for reference  in  ps(1)  listings.
	      Otherwise, this option has no effect.

       -S sep Separator.   Normally the	program	and logger arguments are sepa-
	      rated by the verbatim string ``::''.  This option	may be used to
	      specify sep as an	alternative separator string.

       -V     Version.	Print the version number to stderr and exit.

       -x     Exit.   Normally	rundeux	 itself	 stays	resident  as  a	system
	      process that monitors program and	logger.	 The -x	option	causes
	      rundeux  to  start logger, and then replace itself with the pro-
	      gram process.  In	this case, program and logger will run as  un-
	      supervised processes.  May be combined with the -d option.

       When rundeux receives any catchable signal, it passes that signal on to
       the program under its supervision.

       If rundeux receives SIGTERM, it takes it	as a shutdown command and per-
       forms the following sequence:

       o   Send	 SIGTERM  and  SIGCONT signals to the program process and wait
	   for it to terminate.

       o   Close the stdin of the logger process and wait for it to terminate.

       o   rundeux itself then exits normally.

       Wayne Marshall,

       runtools_intro(8), runargs(8), runargv0(8), runchoom(8),	 rundetach(8),
       runenv(8),    runfile(8),    runlimit(8),    runlock(8),	  runpause(8),
       runsession(8), runtool(8), runtrap(8), runuid(8)

runtools-2.07			 January 2013			    rundeux(8)


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