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sc::PsiExEnv(3)			     MPQC		       sc::PsiExEnv(3)

       sc::PsiExEnv - PsiExEnv specifies a Psi calculation.

       #include	<psiexenv.h>

       Inherits	sc::DescribedClass.

   Public Member Functions
       PsiExEnv	(const Ref< KeyVal > &)
       PsiExEnv	(char *cwd, char *fileprefix, int nscratch, char **scratch)
       Ref< PsiInput > get_psi_input ()	const
	   Returns the PsiInput	object which PsiExEnv uses.
       Ref< PsiFile11 >	get_psi_file11 () const
	   Returns the PsiFile11 object	which PsiExEnv uses.
       int run_psi ()
	   Executes Psi	input+driver.
       int run_psi_module (char	*)
	   Executes a Psi module.
       string get_cwd () const
	   Returns current working directory.
       string get_fileprefix ()	const
	   Returns the Psi file	prefix.
       int get_nscratch	() const
	   Returns the number of scratch locations.
       string get_scratch (int i) const
	   Returns the ith scratch location.
       void print (std::ostream	&o=ExEnv::out0()) const
	   Print the object.

   Additional Inherited	Members
Detailed Description
       PsiExEnv	specifies a Psi	calculation.

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Version	2.3.1			Sun Feb	28 2021		       sc::PsiExEnv(3)

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