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SC_EROSPROBER(1)	  BSD General Commands Manual	      SC_EROSPROBER(1)

     sc_erosprober -- scamper driver to	periodically probe addresses and ro-
     tate output files.

     sc_erosprober [-a addrfile] [-c command] [-I interval] [-l	logfile]
		   [-o outfile]	[-O option] [-p	port] [-R rotation] [-U	unix]

     The sc_erosprober utility provides	the ability to connect to a running
     scamper(1)	instance and use it to periodically probe a set	of addresses
     at	a defined interval, and	periodically rotate the	output file at a de-
     fined interval.  The supported options to sc_erosprober are as follows:

     -a	addrfile
	     specifies the name	of the input file which	consists of a sequence
	     of	IP addresses to	probe, one address per line.

     -c	command
	     specifies the command to use with each address.  sc_erosprober
	     supports the trace	and ping commands, and their options, in scam-
	     per.  scamper(1) documents	the options available in trace and

     -I	interval
	     specifies the probe interval, in seconds, between probing each
	     address.  sc_erosprober will spread the probing of	the addresses
	     across the	interval.  If there are	10 addresses to	probe at an
	     interval of 20 seconds, then sc_erosprober	will issue a command
	     every two seconds.

     -l	logfile
	     specifies the name	of a file to log progress output from
	     sc_erosprober generated at	run time.

     -o	outfile
	     specifies the prefix of the name of the output file to be writ-
	     ten.  The output file will	use the	warts(5) format.
	     sc_erosprober will	create a sequence of files named using the
	     prefix and	a timestamp.

     -O	options
	     allows the	behavior of sc_erosprober to be	further	tailored.  The
	     current choices for this option are:
	       -  noshuffle: do	not shuffle the	order of addresses before
		  probing starts.
	       -  nooutfile: do	not write to warts files, just do the probing.

     -p	port
	     specifies the port	on the local host where	scamper(1) is accept-
	     ing control socket	connections.

     -R	rotation
	     specifies the rotation interval, in seconds, between rotating
	     output files.

     -U	unix
	     specifies the name	of a unix domain socket	where scamper(1) is
	     accepting control socket connections.

     Given a set of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses contained in a file	named addrs
     and a scamper process listening at	sock configured	to probe at 100	pack-
     ets per second started as follows:

	   scamper -U sock -p 100

     the following command will	ping the addresses every two minutes using one
     packet, and create	an output file every thirty seconds prefixed with foo:

	   sc_erosprober -U sock -a addrs -o foo -I 120	-R 30 -c 'ping -c 1'

     The following command will	traceroute towards the addresses every 15 min-
     utes, creating an output file every minute:

	   sc_erosprober -U sock -a addrs -o foo -I 900	-R 60 -c 'trace'

     scamper(1), sc_wartsdump(1), sc_warts2text(1), sc_warts2json(1), warts(5)

     sc_erosprober was written by Matthew Luckie.

BSD			       September 8, 2019			   BSD


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