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SIZE(1)			  BSD General Commands Manual		       SIZE(1)

     size -- display section sizes and total size of ELF objects

     size [--format=format] [--help] [--radix=radix] [--totals]	[--version]
	  [-ABVdhotx] [file ...]

     The size utility lists the	sizes of ELF sections, and optionally the to-
     tal size, for each	input file specified on	the command line.  The size
     utility can operate on ELF	objects, on ar(1) archives containing ELF ob-
     jects, and	on core	dumps.	If no file name	is specified on	the command-
     line, a.out is assumed.

     The size utility recognized the following options:

	     Display output using the format specified by argument format.
	     Supported values for this argument	are: `berkeley'	and `sysv'.
	     The default output	format is `berkeley'.  See Display Formats be-
	     low for more information.

     --help  Display a help message and	exit.

	     Display numeric values using the radix specified by argument
	     radix.  Supported values for radix	are 8, 10 and 16.  The default
	     radix is 10.

	     Shows cumulative totals of	section	sizes from all objects.	 This
	     option is ignored for System V style output.

	     Display a version identifier and exit.

     -A	     Equivalent	to specifying option --format=sysv.

     -B	     Equivalent	to specifying option --format=berkeley.

     -V	     Equivalent	to specifying option --version.

     -d	     Equivalent	to specifying option --radix=10.

     -h	     Equivalent	to specifying option --help.

     -o	     Equivalent	to specifying option --radix=8.

     -t	     Equivalent	to specifying option --totals.

     -x	     Equivalent	to specifying option --radix=16.

   Berkeley Style Output
     If	`berkeley' style output	is in effect, an initial header	line naming
     fields will be output, followed by	one line of output for each ELF	object
     specified on the command line or found in an archive.

     Each line will contain the	following whitespace separated fields in or-
     1.	  The size of the text segment in the object.
     2.	  The size of the data segment in the object.
     3.	  The size of the `bss'	segment	in the object.
     4.	  The total size of the	object in either decimal or octal.  Decimal
	  output is used if the	specified output radix for numeric values is
	  10 or	16.  Octal output is used if the radix being used for numeric
	  values is 8.
     5.	  The total size of the	object in hexadecimal.
     6.	  The file name	of the object.

     If	option --totals	was specified, an additional line in the same format
     as	above will be output at	the end	containing the sum of the respective
     fields.  The file name field for the line will contain the	string

   System V Style Output
     If	System V style output is selected, size	will output the	following in-
     formation for each	object:
     1.	  The name of the object followed by a colon.
     2.	  A header line	containing the names of	fields of subsequent lines.
     3.	  One line per section present in the object.  Each line has three
	  1.   The name	of the section.
	  2.   Its size, in the	selected radix for numeric values.
	  3.   The address associated with the section,	in the selected	nu-
	       meric radix.
     4.	  A line whose section name field contains the string `Total' and
	  whose	size field contains the	sum of all reported section sizes.

     The size utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

     To	display	the section sizes for /bin/ls use:

     $ size /bin/ls
     text	data	   bss	      dec	 hex	    filename
     20975	540	   392	      21907	 5593	     /bin/ls

     To	display	sizes and total	for /bin/ls and	/bin/dd	in hexadecimal,	use:

     $ size -tx	/bin/ls	/bin/dd
     text	data	   bss	      dec	 hex	    filename
     0x51ef	0x21c	   0x188      21907	 5593	     /bin/ls
     0x3df5	0x170	   0x200      16741	 4165	     /bin/dd
     0x8fe4	0x38c	   0x388      38648	 96f8	    (TOTALS)

     To	display	section	sizes for /bin/ls in System V format use:

     $ size -A /bin/ls
     /bin/ls  :
     section		size	   addr
     .interp		21	   4194704
     .note.ABI-tag	24	   4194728
     .hash		624	   4194752
     .dynsym		2088	   4195376
     .dynstr		810	   4197464
     .rela.dyn		120	   4198280
     .rela.plt		1656	   4198400
     .init		19	   4200056
     .plt		1120	   4200076
     .text		15224	   4201200
     .fini		14	   4216424
     .rodata		1472	   4216448
     .data		80	   5267456
     .eh_frame		1624	   5267536
     .dynamic		384	   5269160
     .ctors		16	   5269544
     .dtors		16	   5269560
     .jcr		8	   5269576
     .got		576	   5269584
     .bss		528	   5270176
     .comment		686	   0
     Total		27110

     ar(1), nm(1), objdump(1), readelf(1), strings(1), elf(3), gelf(3)

     AT&T Unix Systems Labs, System V Application Binary Interface,

     The size utility first appeared in	Version	6 AT&T UNIX.

     The size utility was re-written by	S. Sam Arun Raj	<>
     This manual page was written by S.	Sam Arun Raj <>

BSD				August 25, 2011				   BSD


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