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SPEED(1)			    OpenSSL			      SPEED(1)

       openssl-speed, speed - test library performance

       openssl speed [-help] [-engine id] [-elapsed] [-evp algo] [-decrypt]
       [-rand file...]	[-writerand file] [-primes num]	[-seconds num] [-bytes
       num] [algorithm...]

       This command is used to test the	performance of cryptographic
       algorithms.  To see the list of supported algorithms, use the list
       --digest-commands or list --cipher-commands command. The	global CSPRNG
       is denoted by the rand algorithm	name.

	   Print out a usage message.

       -engine id
	   Specifying an engine	(by its	unique id string) will cause speed to
	   attempt to obtain a functional reference to the specified engine,
	   thus	initialising it	if needed. The engine will then	be set as the
	   default for all available algorithms.

	   When	calculating operations-	or bytes-per-second, use wall-clock
	   time	instead	of CPU user time as divisor. It	can be useful when
	   testing speed of hardware engines.

       -evp algo
	   Use the specified cipher or message digest algorithm	via the	EVP
	   interface.  If algo is an AEAD cipher, then you can pass <-aead> to
	   benchmark a TLS-like	sequence. And if algo is a multi-buffer
	   capable cipher, e.g.	 aes-128-cbc-hmac-sha1,	then -mb will time
	   multi-buffer	operation.

	   Time	the decryption instead of encryption. Affects only the EVP

       -rand file...
	   A file or files containing random data used to seed the random
	   number generator.  Multiple files can be specified separated	by an
	   OS-dependent	character.  The	separator is ; for MS-Windows, , for
	   OpenVMS, and	: for all others.

       [-writerand file]
	   Writes random data to the specified file upon exit.	This can be
	   used	with a subsequent -rand	flag.

       -primes num
	   Generate a num-prime	RSA key	and use	it to run the benchmarks. This
	   option is only effective if RSA algorithm is	specified to test.

       -seconds	num
	   Run benchmarks for num seconds.

       -bytes num
	   Run benchmarks on num-byte buffers. Affects ciphers,	digests	and
	   the CSPRNG.

       [zero or	more test algorithms]
	   If any options are given, speed tests those algorithms, otherwise a
	   pre-compiled	grand selection	is tested.

       Copyright 2000-2018 The OpenSSL Project Authors.	All Rights Reserved.

       Licensed	under the OpenSSL license (the "License").  You	may not	use
       this file except	in compliance with the License.	 You can obtain	a copy
       in the file LICENSE in the source distribution or at

1.1.1k				  2021-03-25			      SPEED(1)


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