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sysdecode_enum(3)	 BSD Library Functions Manual	     sysdecode_enum(3)

     sysdecode_enum, sysdecode_acltype,	sysdecode_atfd,
     sysdecode_extattrnamespace, sysdecode_fadvice, sysdecode_fcntl_cmd,
     sysdecode_getfsstat_mode, sysdecode_getrusage_who,	sysdecode_idtype,
     sysdecode_ipproto,	sysdecode_kldsym_cmd, sysdecode_kldunload_flags,
     sysdecode_lio_listio_mode,	sysdecode_madvice, sysdecode_minherit_flags,
     sysdecode_msgctl_cmd, sysdecode_nfssvc_flags, sysdecode_pathconf_name,
     sysdecode_prio_which, sysdecode_procctl_cmd, sysdecode_ptrace_request,
     sysdecode_rlimit, sysdecode_rtprio_function, sysdecode_scheduler_policy,
     sysdecode_sctp_pr_policy, sysdecode_sctp_sinfo_flags,
     sysdecode_semctl_cmd, sysdecode_shmctl_cmd, sysdecode_shutdown_how,
     sysdecode_sigbus_code, sysdecode_sigchld_code, sysdecode_sigfpe_code,
     sysdecode_sigill_code, sysdecode_signal, sysdecode_sigprocmask_how,
     sysdecode_sigsegv_code, sysdecode_sigtrap_code,
     sysdecode_sockaddr_family,	sysdecode_socketdomain,	sysdecode_sockettype,
     sysdecode_sockopt_level, sysdecode_sysarch_number,	sysdecode_umtx_op,
     sysdecode_vmresult, sysdecode_whence -- lookup name of various enumerated

     library "libsysdecode"

     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <stdbool.h>
     #include <sysdecode.h>

     const char	*
     sysdecode_acltype(int type);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_atfd(int	fd);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_extattrnamespace(int namespace);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_fadvice(int advice);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_fcntl_cmd(int cmd);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_getfsstat_mode(int mode);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_getrusage_who(int who);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_idtype(int idtype);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_ipproto(int protocol);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_kldsym_cmd(int cmd);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_kldunload_flags(int flags);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_lio_listio_mode(int mode);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_madvice(int advice);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_minherit_flags(int inherit);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_msgctl_cmd(int cmd);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_nfssvc_flags(int	flags);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_pathconf_name(int name);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_prio_which(int which);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_procctl_cmd(int cmd);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_ptrace_request(int request);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_rlimit(int resource);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_rtprio_function(int function);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_scheduler_policy(int policy);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sctp_pr_policy(int policy);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_semctl_cmd(int cmd);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_shmctl_cmd(int cmd);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_shutdown_how(int	how);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sigbus_code(int si_code);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sigchld_code(int	si_code);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sigfpe_code(int si_code);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sigill_code(int si_code);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_signal(int sig);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sigprocmask_how(int how);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sigsegv_code(int	si_code);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sigtrap_code(int	si_code);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sockaddr_family(int sa_family);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_socketdomain(int	domain);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sockettype(int type);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sockopt_level(int level);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_sysarch_number(int number);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_umtx_op(int op);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_vmresult(int result);

     const char	*
     sysdecode_whence(int whence);

     The sysdecode_enum	functions return a text	description of an integer
     value.  The text description matches the name of a	C macro	with the same
     value as the sole function	argument.  NULL	is returned if there is	no
     matching C	macro name.

     Most of these functions decode an argument	passed to a system call:

     Function			      System Call		 Argument
     sysdecode_acltype()	      acl_get_file(3)		 type
     sysdecode_atfd()		      openat(2)			 fd
     sysdecode_extattrnamespace()     extattr_get_fd(2)		 attrnamespace
     sysdecode_fadvice()	      posix_fadvise(2)		 advice
     sysdecode_fcntl_cmd()	      fcntl(2)			 cmd
     sysdecode_getfsstat_mode()	      getfsstat(2)		 mode
     sysdecode_idtype()		      procctl(2), waitid(2)
     sysdecode_kldsym_cmd()	      kldsym(2)			 cmd
     sysdecode_kldunload_flags()      kldunloadf(2)		 flags
     sysdecode_lio_listio_mode()      lio_listio(2)		 mode
     sysdecode_madvice()	      madvise(2)		 advice
     sysdecode_minherit_inherit()     minherit(2)		 inherit
     sysdecode_msgctl_cmd()	      msgctl(2)			 cmd
     sysdecode_nfssvc_flags()	      nfssvc(2)			 flags
     sysdecode_pathconf_name()	      pathconf(2)		 name
     sysdecode_prio_which()	      getpriority(2)		 which
     sysdecode_procctl_cmd()	      procctl(2)		 cmd
     sysdecode_ptrace_request()	      ptrace(2)			 request
     sysdecode_rlimit()		      getrlimit(2)		 resource
     sysdecode_rtprio_function()      rtprio(2)			 function
     sysdecode_getrusage_who()	      getrusage(2)		 who
     sysdecode_scheduler_policy()     sched_setscheduler(2)	 policy
     sysdecode_semctl_cmd()	      semctl(2)			 cmd
     sysdecode_shmctl_cmd()	      shmctl(2)			 cmd
     sysdecode_shutdown_how()	      shutdown(2)		 how
     sysdecode_sigprocmask_how()      sigprocmask(2)		 how
     sysdecode_sockopt_level()	      getsockopt(2)		 level
     sysdecode_sysarch_number()	      sysarch(2)		 number
     sysdecode_umtx_op()	      _umtx_op(2)		 op
     sysdecode_whence()		      lseek(2)			 whence

     These functions decode signal-specific signal codes stored	in the si_code
     field of the siginfo_t object associated with an instance of signal:

     Function			  Signal
     sysdecode_sigbus_code()	  SIGBUS
     sysdecode_sigchld_code()	  SIGCHLD
     sysdecode_sigfpe_code()	  SIGFPE
     sysdecode_sigill_code()	  SIGILL
     sysdecode_sigsegv_code()	  SIGSEGV
     sysdecode_sigtrap_code()	  SIGBTRAP

     Other functions decode the	values described below:

     sysdecode_ipproto()	   An IP protocol.

     sysdecode_sctp_pr_policy()	   A PR-SCTP policy.

     sysdecode_signal()		   A process signal.

     sysdecode_sockaddr_family()   A socket address family.

     sysdecode_socketdomain()	   A socket domain.

     sysdecode_vmresult()	   The return value of a function in the vir-
				   tual	memory subsystem of the	kernel indi-
				   cating the status of	the associated re-

     The sysdecode_enum	functions return the name of a matching	C macro	or
     NULL if no	matching C macro was found.

     sysdecode(3), sysdecode_mask(3), sysdecode_sigcode(3)

BSD			       January 14, 2018				   BSD


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