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TCATEST(3)			 Tokyo Cabinet			    TCATEST(3)

       tcamgr -	the command line utility of the	abstract database API

       The  command  `tcamgr'  is  a utility for test and debugging of the ab-
       stract database API and its applications.  `name' specifies the name of
       a  database.   `key'  specifies the key of a record.  `value' specifies
       the value of a  record.	 `params'  specifies  the  tuning  parameters.
       `func' specifies	the name of a function.	 `arg' specifies the arguments
       of the function.	 `dest'	specifies the path of the destination file.

	      tcamgr create name
		     Create a database file.
	      tcamgr inform name
		     Print miscellaneous information to	the standard output.
	      tcamgr put [-sx] [-sep chr] [-dk|-dc|-dai|-dad] name key value
		     Store a record.
	      tcamgr out [-sx] [-sep chr] name key
		     Remove a record.
	      tcamgr get [-sx] [-sep chr] [-px]	[-pz] name key
		     Print the value of	a record.
	      tcamgr list [-sep	chr] [-m num] [-pv] [-px] [-fm str] name
		     Print keys	of all records,	separated by line feeds.
	      tcamgr optimize name params
		     Optimize a	database file.
	      tcamgr misc [-sx]	[-sep chr] [-px] name func [arg...]
		     Call a versatile function for miscellaneous operations.
	      tcamgr map [-fm str] name	dest
		     Map records into another B+ tree database.
	      tcamgr version
		     Print the version information of Tokyo Cabinet.

       Options feature the following.

	      -sx : the	input data is evaluated	as a hexadecimal data string.
	      -sep chr : specify the separator of the input data.
	      -dk : use	the function `tcadbputkeep' instead of `tcadbput'.
	      -dc : use	the function `tcadbputcat' instead of `tcadbput'.
	      -dai : use the function `tcadbaddint' instead of `tcadbput'.
	      -dad : use the function `tcadbadddouble' instead of `tcadbput'.
	      -px : the	output data  is	 converted  into  a  hexadecimal  data
	      -pz : do not append line feed at the end of the output.
	      -m num : specify the maximum number of the output.
	      -pv : print values of records also.
	      -fm str :	specify	the prefix of keys.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.

       tcatest(1), tcamttest(1), tcadb(3), tokyocabinet(3)

Man Page			  2012-08-18			    TCATEST(3)


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