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TDFX(4)		       FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual		       TDFX(4)

     tdfx -- Voodoo Graphics and VoodooII Memory Access	GLIDE device driver

     device tdfx
     device tdfx_linux

     This driver creates an entry in /dev that allows programs (mostly
     GLIDE-based software) to access the device	memory of the Voodoo Graphics
     and VoodooII 3D accelerators created by 3Dfx, Inc.	 This provides an in-
     terface for applications based on the GLIDE API or	that simply use	the
     API provided by the linux /dev/3dfx device	to use the video device.

     Supports all cards	based on the following chipsets:

	   3Dfx	Voodoo Graphics
	   3Dfx	Voodoo II

     Specifically, the following cards should work:

	   Diamond Multimedia Monster 3D
	   Diamond Multimedia Monster 3D II

     Note that this driver does	not currently have support for the Voodoo Ban-
     shee, Voodoo3, Voodoo5, or	Voodoo6	based cards.  It also does not cur-
     rently support the	Voodoo Rush.  It also does not yet handle the SLI fea-
     ture of the Voodoo	II boards.  You	can only use each of them separately.

     By	including tdfx_linux, you can enable the linux ioctl code for this
     driver, where the only supported applications currently reside.

     /dev/3dfx	   Symlinked to	default	3dfx board
     /dev/3dfx*	   Character Device programming	interface

     /dev/voodoo   Mirrors of above interfaces
     /dev/voodoo*  (Some apps use /dev/voodoo)

     The tdfx driver appeared in FreeBSD 5.0, and was originally developed for
     Linux kernel 2.0.x, later written for 2.2.x and 2.4.x.

     The driver	was developed by Coleman Kane <> after the
     linux version of this driver by Darryll Straus, John Taylor, Jens Axboe,
     Carlo Wood	<> and Joseph Kain <> to	be di-
     rectly compatible with it and support the many GLIDE based	games avail-
     able for Linux and	UNIX.

FreeBSD	13.0		       February	19, 2001		  FreeBSD 13.0


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