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tohtml(1)							     tohtml(1)

       tohtml -	 Create	HTML from LaTeX	input

       tohtml  [-latex]	 [-info] [-mapref filename] [-basedir dirname] [-user-
       path path] [-iftex] [-split n] [-headeroffset n ] [-mapman  filename  ]
       [-cvtlatex]  [-cvttables]  [-cvtmath]  [-simplemath] [-useimg] [-gaudy]
       [-iftex]	  [-default]   [-nonavnames]   [-notopnames]	[-nobottomnav]
       [-basedef   filename]   [-endpage   filename  ]	[-beginpage  filename]
       [-citeprefix str] [-citesuffix str] filename

       -iftex -	Include	text in	begin{iftex}...end{iftex} mode
	      -	Convert	LaTeX that can not be represented as text into bitmaps
	      -	Convert	tabular	environments into bitmaps
	      -	When used with -cvtlatex, use existing bitmaps from a previous
       -gaudy -	Use color images for itemize bullets
	      -	Do not copy the	pre-defined bitmaps
       -dosnl -	Generate Windows/DOS-style newlines (newline return)
       -split n
	      -	 Split the document down to sections at	level n	-split -1 pro-
	      hibits splitting;	0 = chapter, 1 = section, etc.
       -headeroffset n
	      -	Offset the HTML	headers	generated by section.  For example, to
	      use H2 instead of	H1 for top level sections, use -headeroffset 1
	      -	Do not output the navigation buttons
	      -	Do not output the names	on the top of the page
	      -	Do not output the names	or buttons at the bottom of a section
	      -	Do not generate	the contents page
       -mapref file
	      -	 Convert  references  in  \\cite  into hyperlinks by using the
	      specified	file
       -mapman file
	      -	Convert	occurances of tokens into hyperlinks to	files
	      -	Pick relatively	nice defaults
       -citeprefix str
	      -	Set the	prefix for citations ([	by default)
       -citesuffix str
	      -	Set the	suffix for citations (]	by default)
       -basedef	name
	      -	Use file name to define	TeX commands
       -beginpage filename
	      -	Prepend	the html in filename to	the end	of each	page
       -endpage	filename
	      -	Append the html	in filename to the end of each page


				   2/1/2000			     tohtml(1)


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