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TWA(4)			 BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual			TWA(4)

     twa -- 3ware 9000/9500/9550 series	SATA RAID controllers driver

     device twa

     The twa driver provides support for AMCC's	3ware 9000/9500/9550 series
     SATA controllers.

     These controllers are available in	4, 8, 12 or 16-port configurations,
     and support the following RAID levels: 0, 1, 10, 5, 50.  The device nodes
     for the controllers are of	the form /dev/twaX, where X is the controller
     number.  The driver is implemented	as a SCSI SIM under CAM, and, as such,
     the logical units that it controls	are accessible via the device nodes,
     /dev/daY, where Y is the logical unit number.

     The twa driver supports the following SATA	RAID controllers:

     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9500S-4LP
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9500S-8
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9500S-8MI
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9500S-12
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9500S-12MI
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9500SX-4LP
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9500SX-8LP
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9500SX-12
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9500SX-12MI
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9500SX-16ML
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9550SX-4LP
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9550SX-8LP
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9550SX-12
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9550SX-12MI
     +o	 AMCC's	3ware 9550SX-16ML

     Whenever the driver encounters a command failure, it prints out an	error
     code in the format: "ERROR: (<error source>: <error code>):", followed by
     a text description	of the error.  There are other error messages and
     warnings that the driver prints out, depending on the kinds of errors
     that it encounters.  If the driver	is compiled with TWA_DEBUG defined, it
     prints out	a whole	bunch of debug messages, the quantity of which varies
     depending on the value assigned to	TWA_DEBUG (0 to	10).

     The twa driver and	manpage	were written by	Vinod Kashyap

BSD			       February	20, 2006			   BSD


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