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urxvt-kuake(1)			 RXVT-UNICODE			urxvt-kuake(1)

       kuake - kuake-like hotkey terminal

	 @@RXVT_NAME@@ -kuake-hotkey F10

	 URxvt.kuake.hotkey: F10

       A very primitive	quake-console-like extension. It was inspired by a
       description of how the programs "kuake" and "yakuake" work: Whenever
       the user	presses	a global accelerator key (by default "F10"), the
       terminal	will show or hide itself. Another press	of the accelerator key
       will hide or show it again.

       Initially, the window will not be shown when using this extension.

       This is useful if you need a single terminal that is not	using any
       desktop space most of the time but is quickly available at the press of
       a key.

       The accelerator key is grabbed regardless of any	modifiers, so this
       extension will actually grab a physical key just	for this function.

       If you want a quake-like	animation, tell	your window manager to do so
       (fvwm can do it).

9.22				  2021-02-28			urxvt-kuake(1)


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