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USBCONFIG(8)		FreeBSD	System Manager's Manual		  USBCONFIG(8)

     usbconfig -- configure the	USB subsystem

     usbconfig [-u unit] [-a addr] [-i interface_index]	[-v] [cmds...]
     usbconfig -d [[/dev/]ugen]_unit_._addr_ [-i interface_index] [-v]

     The usbconfig utility is used to configure	and dump information about the
     USB subsystem.

     The options are as	follows:

     -u	unit   Limit device range to USB devices connected to the given	USBUS

     -a	addr   Limit device range to the given USB device index.  Should only
	       be used in conjunction with the unit argument.

     -d	[[/dev/]ugen]_unit_._addr_
	       Limit device range to USB devices connected to the given	unit
	       and address.  The unit and address coordinates may be prefixed
	       by the lowercased word "ugen", or the full path name /dev/ugen.

     -h	       Show help and available commands.

     -i	interface_index
	       Specify interface index as indicated by the command descrip-
	       tion.  If this argument is not specified	a value	of zero	will
	       be used for the interface index.

     -v	       Shortcut	to activate the	dump_device_desc,
	       dump_curr_config_desc, and show_ifdrv commands ("verbose

     The following commands may	be used	with usbconfig:

     set_config	cfg_index
	     Choose the	configuration for the USB device.  Valid values	range
	     from zero to the number reported as the bNumConfigurations	in
	     dump_device_desc output.  The special value of 255	unconfigures
	     the device, detaching the interface drivers and reducing the
	     power consumption to minimum, but without going into power	saving
	     mode or detaching from the	bus.  In some cases, it	prevents the
	     device from charging.

     set_alt alt_index
	     Choose the	alternate interface for	the selected interface and USB
	     device.  Alternative settings for the current configuration are
	     available as the bAlternateSetting	in dump_curr_config_desc out-
	     put.  Usually there is no need to adjust this setting.  This com-
	     mand uses the -i interface_index option.

     set_template template
	     Set the global USB	device side template.  See usb_template(4) for
	     more information.

	     Get the current USB device	side template.

     add_dev_quirk_vplh	vid pid	lo_rev hi_rev quirk_name
	     Add a quirk by specifying the Vendor ID, Product ID, low and high
	     revision numbers, and the quirk name.  See	usb_quirk(4) for more

     remove_dev_quirk_vplh vid pid lo_rev hi_rev quirk_name
	     Remove a quirk.

     add_quirk quirk_name
	     Add quirk for the currently selected USB device.

     remove_quirk quirk_name
	     Remove a quirk for	the currently selected USB device.

	     Display the device	and configuration descriptors.

	     Display the list of supported quirk names.

	     Display the list of current device	quirks.

	     Display the device	descriptor.

	     Display current configuration descriptor.

	     Display all the configuration descriptors.

     dump_string index
	     Display string descriptor at selected index.

	     Display summary information about the device.

	     Display USB transfer statistics.

	     Display the list of interface drivers (such as ukbd(4) or u3g(4))
	     currently attached	to the device.

	     Detach kernel driver for the selected interface and USB device.
	     This command uses the -i interface_index option.

	     Force the device to suspend.

     resume  Force the device to resume.

	     Turn the device off.

	     Turn the automatic	suspend	and resume on.	This is	the default
	     for USB hubs.

	     Turn the device on	and disable automatic suspend and resume.
	     This is the default for non-hub devices.

     reset   Reset the device.	This forces the	USB stack to reenumerate the

     list    List all available	USB devices.  This is the default if usbconfig
	     is	called without specifying a command.

     do_request	bmReqTyp bReq wVal wIdx	wLen data...
	     Perform a synchronous control request on the specified device.
	     See libusb20_dev_request_sync(3) for more information.

     List all connected	USB devices and	their attached interface drivers:

	   usbconfig show_ifdrv

     Dump device and configuration descriptors for device on USB bus 1 at ad-
     dress 2:

	   usbconfig ugen1.2 dump_all_desc

     Dump HID descriptor for device on USB bus 1 at address 2:

	   usbconfig ugen1.2 do_request	0x81 0x06 0x2200 0 0x100

     Power off the device on USB bus 1 at address 2:

	   usbconfig ugen1.2 power_off

     usb(4), usb_quirk(4), usb_template(4)

FreeBSD	13.0		       December	21, 2021		  FreeBSD 13.0


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