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VDE_SWITCH(1)		    General Commands Manual		 VDE_SWITCH(1)

       vde_switch - Virtual Distributed	Ethernet switch

       vde_switch  [ -hub ] [ -sock commdirpath	] [ -mod octal-mode ] [	-group
       NAME ] [	-tap interface ] [ -daemon ]

       A vde_switch is a virtual switch	for the	vde architecture.
       A vde network can include several  vde_switches	running	 on  different
       (real)  computers.   vde_switches  can  be connected by vde cables (see
       vde_plug	(1) ).
       Supported architecture for VDE end  nodes  include:  real  linux	 boxes
       (through	the tuntap interface), bochs, qemu and MPS virtual machines.
       VDE  is	useful to create networks of heterogeneous virtual machines as
       well as as a general tunneling tool -- all the ethernet based protocols
       work  by	 this  kind  of	tunnel -- and also as a	tool for mobility.  In
       fact VDE	creates	an overlay network where users can keep	their  IP  ad-
       dresses despite of the change of	IP addresses on	the interfaces.

       vde_switch needs	root privileges	to open	a tap interface, can be	run by
       users when no -tap option is specified.

       vde-2 has several features: VLAN, Fast Spanning Tree Protocol,  command
       line  management	(on console for	foreground switches, on	a terminal for
       daemonized switches).  If a vde_switch run in  foreground  mode	simply
       type  return to have the	prompt.	 For daemons there is the -M option to
       specify the management socket. Unixterm is the tool to start a terminal
       for  the	 management.  Type "help" at the prompt	for a list of possible

       -hub   turn off the switch engine. It operates as a hub.

       -sock commdirpath
	      specify the directory when comm socket are created.  The default
	      value is "/tmp/vde.ctl"

       -mod octalmode
	      specify the octal	permissions for	the comm sockets.

       -group NAME
	      specify  the group owner for the comm socket.  The default value
	      is the current user's primary group

       -tap interface
	      connect the specified tuntap interface to	this vde_switch	(needs
	      root  privileges)	 It  is	possible to specify several tap	inter-
	      faces, comma separated.

	      Run as a daemon. Use syslog for logging.

       -f rcfile
	      rc file to set the initial switch	configuration.	This  rc  file
	      has the same syntax of the command line interface.

       -h     help.  Please  use  it  for  a  more  complete  list of options.
	      vde_switch is a modular program, options vary depending  of  the
	      compiled-in modules.

       Virtual Distributed Ethernet is not related in any way with
       ("Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik	und Informationstechnik"  i.e.
       the  German "Association	for Electrical,	Electronic & Information Tech-

       vde_plug(1), vde_plug2tap(1), vdeq(1), dpipe(1),	unixterm(1).

       VDE is a	project	by Renzo Davoli	<>
       VDE started as an enhancement of	uml_switch by Jeff  Dike  and  others.
       VDE-2  has  been	 almost	completely rewritten but maybe some statements
       come from the historical	source.	So, some copyright and thanks also for

Virtual	Distributed Ethernet   December	6, 2006			 VDE_SWITCH(1)


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