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VMCI(4)			 BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual		       VMCI(4)

     vmci -- VMware Virtual Machine Communication Interface

     To	compile	this driver into the kernel, place the following line in your
     kernel configuration file:

	   device vmci

     Alternatively, to load the	driver as a module at boot time, place the
     following line in loader.conf(5):


     The vmci driver provides support for the VMware Virtual Machine Communi-
     cation Interface (VMCI) in	virtual	machines by VMware.

     VMCI allows virtual machines to communicate with host kernel modules and
     the VMware	hypervisors.  User level applications in a virtual machine can
     use VMCI through vSockets (also known as VMCI Sockets and not included in
     this kernel module), a socket address family designed to be compatible
     with UDP and TCP at the interface level.  Today, VMCI and vSockets	are
     used by various VMware Tools components inside the	guest for zero-config,
     network-less access to VMware host	services.  In addition to this,
     VMware's users are	using vSockets for various applications, where network
     access of the virtual machine is restricted or non-existent.  Examples of
     this are VMs communicating	with device proxies for	proprietary hardware
     running as	host applications and automated	testing	of applications	run-
     ning within virtual machines.

     In	a virtual machine, VMCI	is exposed as a	regular	PCI device.  The pri-
     mary communication	mechanisms supported are a point-to-point bidirec-
     tional transport based on a pair of memory-mapped queues, and asynchro-
     nous notifications	in the form of datagrams and doorbells.	 These fea-
     tures are available to kernel level components such as vSockets through
     the VMCI kernel API.  In addition to this,	the VMCI kernel	API provides
     support for receiving events related to the state of the VMCI communica-
     tion channels, and	the virtual machine itself.

     socket(2),	pci(9)

     VMware vSockets Documentation,

     The vmci driver first appeared in FreeBSD 12.0.

     The vmci driver and man page were written by Vishnu Dasa

BSD			       February	10, 2018			   BSD


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