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xe(4)			 BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual			 xe(4)

     xe	-- Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet device driver

     device xe

     The xe driver supports PCMCIA Ethernet adapters based on Xircom CE2- and
     CE3-class hardware.  This includes	devices	made by	Xircom along with var-
     ious OEM manufacturers.  The following cards are supported:

	    o	Xircom CreditCard Ethernet (PS-CE2-10)
	    o	Xircom CreditCard Ethernet + Modem 28 (PS-CEM-28)
	    o	Xircom CreditCard Ethernet + Modem 33 (CEM33)
	    o	Xircom CreditCard 10/100 (CE3, CE3B)
	    o	Xircom CreditCard Ethernet 10/100 + Modem 56 (CEM56)
	    o	Xircom RealPort	Ethernet 10 (RE10)
	    o	Xircom RealPort	Ethernet 10/100	(RE100)
	    o	Xircom RealPort	Ethernet 10/100	+ Modem	56 (REM56, REM56G)
	    o	Accton Fast EtherCard-16 (EN2226)
	    o	Compaq Netelligent 10/100 PC Card (CPQ-10/100)
	    o	Intel EtherExpress Pro/100 PC Card Mobile Adapter 16 (Pro/100
     Other similar devices using the same hardware may also be supported.

     Please note that the xe driver only supports PCMCIA cards and their Eth-
     ernet functions.  xe does not support the on-board	modem device located
     on	some version of	the Ethernet/modem combo cards.	 In particular,	Xircom
     RealPort2 cards are not supported by this driver.

     The xe driver supports the	following media	types:

     autoselect		   Enable autoselection	of media type and options.

     10Base2/BNC	   Select 10Mbps operation on a	BNC coaxial connector.

     10BaseT/UTP	   Select 10Mbps operation on a	RJ-45 connector.

     100BaseTX		   Select 100Mbps operation.

     Note that 100BaseTX operation is not available on CE2-class cards,	while
     the 10Base2/BNC mode is only available on CE2-class cards.	 Full-duplex
     operation is currently not	supported.  For	more information on configur-
     ing network interface devices, see	ifconfig(8).

     xe%d: Cannot allocate ioport
     xe%d: Cannot allocate irq	A fatal	initialization error occurred while
     attempting	to allocate system resources for the card.

     xe%d: Unable to fix your %s combo card  A fatal initialization error oc-
     curred while attempting to	attach an Ethernet/modem combo card.

     xe%d: watchdog timeout: resetting card  The card failed to	generate an
     interrupt acknowledging a transmitted packet.  May	indicate a PCMCIA con-
     figuration	problem.

     xe%d: no carrier  The card	has lost all contact with the network; this
     usually indicates a cable problem.

     pccard(4),	ifconfig(8)

     The xe driver first appeared in FreeBSD 3.3.

     The xe device driver was written by Scott Mitchell	<>.
     This manual page was written by Scott Mitchell <>, and Tom
     Rhodes <>.

     Supported devices will fail to attach on some machines using the NEWCARD
     PC	Card framework.

     Automatic media selection is usually unreliable.

BSD			       November	04, 2003			   BSD


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