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ZFS-UPGRADE(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		ZFS-UPGRADE(8)

     zfs-upgrade -- Manage upgrading the on-disk version of filesystems.

     zfs upgrade
     zfs upgrade -v
     zfs upgrade [-r] [-V version] -a |	filesystem

     zfs upgrade
       Displays	a list of file systems that are	not the	most recent version.

     zfs upgrade -v
       Displays	a list of currently supported file system versions.

     zfs upgrade [-r] [-V version] -a |	filesystem
       Upgrades	file systems to	a new on-disk version.	Once this is done, the
       file systems will no longer be accessible on systems running older ver-
       sions of	the software.  zfs send	streams	generated from new snapshots
       of these	file systems cannot be accessed	on systems running older ver-
       sions of	the software.

       In general, the file system version is independent of the pool version.
       See zpool(8) for	information on the zpool upgrade command.

       In some cases, the file system version and the pool version are inter-
       related and the pool version must be upgraded before the	file system
       version can be upgraded.

       -V version
	   Upgrade to the specified version.  If the -V	flag is	not specified,
	   this	command	upgrades to the	most recent version.  This option can
	   only	be used	to increase the	version	number,	and only up to the
	   most	recent version supported by this software.

       -a  Upgrade all file systems on all imported pools.

	   Upgrade the specified file system.

       -r  Upgrade the specified file system and all descendent	file systems.


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